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My (kinda) first Spinning Class

Before I get into my post, I’m thrilled to announce we’re more than 10% of the way towards our $3,000 goal for Sweet Paws Rescue. With 13 weeks between now and the start of my 3 half-marathon challenge, we’ll need to keep this pace up! Check out the Sweet Paws Rescue Facebook to read the amazing stories of the dogs they’re saving. I hope you will consider a gift to support them! Please visit my fundraising page!¬†TODAY ONLY, gifts of $20 will be matched with $5 – aka, $20 = $25, $40 = $50, $60 = $75. Don’t pass up this opportunity to make an even bigger difference!

Also, for the runners out there, I highly recommend checking out the United Relay of America. Starting in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, runners will be running across the country. They’ll be in almost every state, so there’s a chance they’ll be running near YOU! If you’re in the Boston area, join me for an 8-mile run from Watertown to Boston. Or, you can always make a gift to support my fundraising minimum for Boston Children’s Hospital!


Ok, why haven’t I been going to spinning classes? They are AMAZING! A few years ago when I was living in Watertown, I belonged to a gym that offered spinning classes. I was pretty obsessed with running, but decided to take an early morning spin class just to try it. And it was awful. I hated it. I was bored and it wasn’t fun. So I actively avoided spinning for years.

After hearing two friends separately rave about Velo-City, I decided to give spinning another chance, and I am SO happy that I did. Their classes have a variety of musical themes that are designed to really pump up the riders and get them excited. It’s a lot of dance music and Top 40 hits and then some great throwbacks. Last night we went to the Top 40 Remix, which was mostly just a lot of Justin Bieber, but it got everyone’s energy up and moving! Some other themes they offer include: Bieber vs. Timberlake, Songs of Summer, Britney vs. NSync vs. Christina, etc.

The studio is located in a hidden basement off of Newbury Street in Back Bay, and the classes are taught in a dark room where neon colors shine. They provide special bike shoes (man, those are silly looking), and one of the staff members took a few minutes to explain how to adjust the bike for my height and preferences. Within minutes, I was pouring sweat. The class was constantly moving and changing – speed work, hills, ‘jumping’, push-ups, and there were even hand weights! It was one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while, and suffice it to say, I will be back asap!


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Goal 25 and #RWRunStreak

The Runner’s World #RWRunStreak is officially over and while I didn’t run at least a mile every day between Memorial Day and 4th of July, I think I did pretty darn well.


I had a rough start to the challenge, missing a couple days right in that first week. Then, MapMyFitness didn’t register one of my runs (probably because I barely did 1 mile). But starting Thursday, June 5th, I think I did a great job. I ran every day except for one day where Eric and I went for a 35 mile bike ride and the day after when I rode by bike to and from work (but didn’t get a run in). That is 30 solid days in a row of some kind of solid fitness.

So what did I learn this past month? That my legs are tired and need a break every now and then. A lot of nights, I passed out on the couch before 9pm even rolled around-probably because of how much I’ve been working my body. I also learned that working out every day does not necessarily cause me to lose more weight than I would while taking rest days, as I am exactly the same weight as I was 30 dad ago (aka, still 7 pounds over goal, grrrr).

However, I also learned how easy it is to just run 1 mile. There were a lot of days where I told myself “Dude, you’re working really hard right now, so just go out there and put in 10 mins.” And BAM, less than 10 minutes later, I was done. (I also ran my fastest mile, under 8:30… And it was after a few hours of eating and drinking hard ciders so who knows what my potential is under better circumstances!).

Finally, now that I’m done with the 30 days and I’m also tapering in preparation for this weekend’s Narragansett Half Marathon, I’m having a hard time “being ok” with not running every morning. I took Tuesday off, my first real break (well, I did bike to work) and during the day started to consider checking out RunFellow, a new running group in the Somerville/Cambridge area that was having it’s first run on Tuesday night. When I got home, I remembered “Oh wait, I’m NOT supposed to run today. Right. Keep sitting.”

I think I’ll try the run streak again in the winter, when I need that extra motivation to get outside and I won’t be biking as much. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how I did this time around.

Today is another non-run day (although it was a bike-to-work day). Tomorrow I’ll do another 3 miles. Saturday I’ll rest (and by rest, I mean shop all day long with Sarah). Sunday I’ll run. Wish me luck!


It’s Going to be a Sweaty Summer

I am a sweaty person. I’ve always been a sweaty person. I have a vivid memory from when I was in 5th grade that is the moment I knew I was destined to sweat… a lot… for the rest of my life. It was my birthday and my mom came to my elementary school to bring birthday treats for my class. I was on the other side of the school’s yard and when I found out she had arrived, I ran and ran as fast as I could to the classroom. When I stopped running, a male classmate turned to me and said “Wow, I’ve never seen a girl sweat that much before.” Yup. 5th Grade. I was destined for sweaty greatness.

beauty animated GIF


Now that summer is here, it feels like I’m in a constant state of sweat waterfall. As in, a waterfall of sweat is pouring out of me. Since I run in the early morning before work, I can usually count on it being relatively cool compared to the rest of the day, but I’m still a mess when I get home. I’ve had to start giving myself at least 20-30 minutes after a run and before I shower so that I can adequately cool down. Otherwise, I’ll just be a sweaty mess again within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower. And you know what’s not a good look? Being a sweaty mess in a business casual outfit.

honey boo boo animated GIF

Amen to that!

What’s even more fun is that I’ve begun dabbling in biking the 3 miles to work. It’s so quick (22 minutes!) and relatively easy and flat, but it’s definitely a more sweaty endeavor than walking and taking the T. I’ve had to slip into the bathroom to Wet-Wipe myself off, change my shirt, and put on a new layer of deodorant. Worth it? Undecided at this point, but I’ll keep doing it a few times a week for the meantime.

RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

If only that was true… Sigh.

Besides the sweat, what’s your least favorite part of training during the summer months? We all know the good stuff, but let’s think negatively so that 6 months from now we can tell ourselves that training in the winter is the best!


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Five Things Friday

All the cool kids (and by cool kids, I mean blogs I follow) seem to do the occasional “Five Things Friday” post so I figured I would join the fun and do my own. Here are 5 awesome things going on in my life right now:

1. This weekend is Boston Calling and I am so excited to spend the next 2 days listening to music. High School Becky is pumped to see musicians like Jenny Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie, and Brand New, while Present Day Becky is thrilled to see bands like The Neighbourhood, The Head and the Heart, and Bastille. It’s supposed to be a little rainy tomorrow, but as long as it isn’t freezing like last year, I can handle it (Last year, Eric brought winter gloves because he knew I was going to need them… even though I scoffed at the idea. Love my guy.) AND on Tuesday, we’re going to a free Delta Spirit show!

Boston Calling Music Festival

2. Training is going super well. Yesterday I took my first rest day in a week after successfully running or biking every day for a week. This morning, I did my first work-week bike ride and was successful in incorporating cross-training into the week. Tomorrow I’ll be running 12 miles as my last long run before the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon on Sunday, June 8.

3. Holy moly my social life is blowing up. Now that we live closer to the city, I’m way less anxious about making plans with friends and other couples after work and I have lots of fun plans coming up to see friends that I haven’t seen in months/years.

4. Did I mention it’s a 3-day weekend? A 3-day weekend that marks the beginning of summer? It may be cloudy and misty, but Monday is supposed to be lovely, as is the rest of the week!


Mostly sunny with a 10% chance of rain? I’ll take it!

5. This shirt is amazing and I think I need it. Or this one. I bought shirts from for me and Sarah that we wore during our March half marathon and their inventory is just perfect and hilarious in every way.

We’re the cutest, duh. ActivateApparel needs us as models.