Becky Runs Boston

My adventures running in Boston, searching for that runner's chai.

About Runners Chai

Oh, Chai! My name is Becky. Welcome to Runners Chai.

Chai aka aka 18 is the most important number in the Jewish faith. The word chai means life. While on a run, I had a moment of silly and realized the connection between runners high – that feeling of overwhelming happiness from the great running endorphins – and runners chai – a term I think connects to the feelings of a runners high but goes even further to the feelings of being alive, being thankful to be alive, and everyone’s search for life’s meaning.

I am searching for chai. I started running because all my friends seemed to be doing it. Now I’m obsessed and feel a serious need to keep doing it. This blog follows my adventures running in and around Boston. It follows my struggles with weight loss and living a healthy life. Most recently it covered 6 months of training for the Boston Marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of my grandparents. If I had to guess, Runners Chai will follow me as I train for a second marathon, train for a century (100-mile) bike ride, and maybe even an ultra-marathon. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure, and maybe together we can figure out what life – what chai – is all about.

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