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Dry January / Winter Warrior

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January 2016 came and went, and I’m not sure how that could possibly have been 31 days. The first month of the year included two challenges: Dry January and the Winter Warrior Challenge.

Dry January was surprisingly easy. I even started a day early on New Years Eve. We spent the evening with some pregnant friends, so there was very little pressure on me to drink. The month also saw several nights out for dinner with friends, a Baby Shower (with a decent number of alcoholic beverage options – and non-alcoholic lemonade), a trip to California (where I celebrated the purchase of my wedding dress with ice cream instead of a drink), and a party at a bar where the bartender made sure my glass of soda water was always full.

I celebrated the start of February with dinner out with a friend followed by Oh, Hello at the Wilbur Theater… and a cocktail. And you know what? Shmeh. Not that exciting. While I’ve never been a heavy drinker, I’ve also never gone a month without drinking before – and I like knowing that it was pretty easy and that all of those social experiences didn’t feel awkward without a drink in hand. And, what’s more interesting, making the concerted effort to not drink also inspired me to eat healthier overall. It’s February 2nd, and I’m beginning to think I should keep the dry challenge going.

The Winter Warrior Challenge was definitely the harder of the two challenges. The premise of the challenge was to walk/run a mile OUTSIDE every day for the month. While I tried my best to run those miles, I ended up walking a fair amount. Annabelle joined me for many of the miles – she enjoyed the early morning runs and walks a lot. And, with our surprisingly warm weather this month, I even ended the month with a 12-mile run in a t-shirt.


January 31 in New England. And people say global warming isn’t real.

Overall, I logged just over 78 miles over the month of January, which I’m also able to count towards another challenge – the Aloha Challenge – a virtual 100-mile run that I have until February 29 to complete. I think I’ll get those last 22 miles without a problem!


When Annabelle wakes you up at 4:45AM, you get in some extra miles.

Don’t worry, readers. I have a lot more challenges to complete these next few months. Get ready for an announcement on Friday!


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