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Secret Strength Training

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I know you all probably don’t believe this, but the silence emanating from the blog isn’t because I’ve stopped running and have taken on a new hobby of being a lazy blob. I swear that’s not the case. Instead, I’ve been trying something new and I wanted to turn it into more of a habit before screaming it from the rooftops via Runners Chai Life. I’m finally ready.


Yeah yeah yeah, I know. I did that whole trainer-thing while I was training for the Boston Marathon, but that was 30 minutes a week and I didn’t do it on my own for the most part and afterwards, I had learned nothing. This time, it’s more serious. I’m doing strength training 2x each week for 45-60 minutes. Sometimes 3x. And I’m LOVING it.

Do I feel stronger? Eh, not yet. But after 3 weeks of no running due to vacation and post-vacation, I went out on Monday for a 4.5 mile run and felt great… minus a weird knee thing that we’re going to pretend was just due to the time off. But, had there not been the weird knee thing, I could have kept going.

So what’s the secret to my new found interest? Two things:

0600 Conditioning – I stumbled on 0600 Conditioning randomly while out on a run. Turns out, this awesome bootcamp is just a block from my house. As I ran by, I noticed the lights and the women inside working out. A woman outside (Tara, the bootcamp leader) said hello and I decided to walk over and find out what was going on. I awkwardly peeked in the room and asked Tara a few questions and promised to check out the $20/2 Week beginners special. Since then, I’ve had a great time working out in a group. Tara is amazing – she is a petite, strong, ultramarathon runner… who lost 35lbs through Weight Watchers. Basically, I want to be her. Tuesday morning classes consist of lots of full-body strength workouts, and recently, we’ve been focusing on big lifts, too.

Exercise Pee Wee Herman animated GIF

This is pretty much where I’m at…

Staci Weber, Personal Trainer – Staci is a friend of my good friend Julia and she is AWESOME. Not only is she fun to work out with, but she’s affordable. Staci offers personal and group sessions around the Boston area. On Thursday mornings, I meet up with Staci for 1:1 sessions at a public park near Back Bay Station. Easy location for me since it’s on the Orange Line. Every week, she comes up with some new set of WODs (Workout of the Day) for me to complete. Today involved jumping rope, jump squats, burpees, and climbing a jungle gym.


Modeling how to use a band during a 1:1 session with Staci. I have a feeling my modeling career will be short-lived.


Another shot from my 1:1 session with Staci. Not only am I modeling the band, but I’m also clearly a rep for the Boston Marathon (note: hat and jacket).

So where does running fit in my Tuesday/Thursday strength training program? I’m still figuring that out. Wednesdays are rest days because I don’t get home from my Tuesday night class until 10:15pm (and then it takes almost an hour for my brain to wind down from the very long day!) so sleeping in on Wednesday is a must. Mondays and Fridays are good mornings for runs. The Marathon Sports in Melrose hosts Saturday morning runs, which have been fun but I’ve had a hard time getting to them in the last month due to vacation and work. The group usually tackles 3-5 miles on the roads and sometimes on the trails, and I usually run the 1 mile from my house to the store, totaling 5-7 mile runs for me! But, truth is, I need to do a better job of getting in that weekend long run. Now that it’s football season and we do a better job of being home and not making ourselves crazy with plans all weekend, I think it’ll get easier to get those long runs in.

I will end this post with a photo of my #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) – I randomly pulled these socks out of the drawer when I realized I hadn’t packed any in my gym bag and managed to pull off a nicely matching puppy-themed ensemble. Happy Thursday!

Puppy OOTD

#OOTD #AllThePuppies


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