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Time Flies and ALL The Updates


It feels like I blinked my eyes and WHOOSH it’s July. How’d that happen?

Not gonna lie, things have been pretty busy. And I have LOTS of exciting updates.

Looks like my last post was May 6th, so let’s discuss things chronologically…

May 6th – Eric went to an Open House for a first floor condo in Malden that had awful pictures. I was unimpressed with the pictures. He came home and suggested I see it in person on Saturday.

May 7th – Ran a 5K with some coworkers and did decent (28:00)

May 9th – Ran the Playworks 5K Run for Recess (a 5K hosted by Sister’s previous employer and an organization she remains very involved in) and did ok considering it was my second 5K race in 3 days (My time of 27:06 might fool you to think that I’m super speedy. Instead, the course was just under 3 miles).

As soon as the 5K was over, Sister and I raced (/drove speedily) to the Open House in Malden for me to check it out. Eric was golfing and our Realtor could only see the house at the beginning of the Open House time slot, so the three of us saw it separately. I remained unimpressed. It had lots of space and was in an AWESOME location, but the interior was gross and I couldn’t look past the awful dark green paint job.

May 10th – Eric and I went to a few other Open Houses in Waltham and Roslindale. As we drove back to our apartment, it became abundantly clear that living that far West of Boston was not a viable option for my commute. We talked to our Realtor that night and he agreed with Eric that the Malden house had a lot of potential. Yes, the yard and the fact that it is basically INSIDE the Fells is awesome. Yes, the 0.3 mile commute to the T station is awesome. Yes, it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a 700 sq ft unfinished basement that would give us SO much extra storage and living space. See where I’m going here? They swayed me.

May 11th – MY BIRTHDAY! Aka a crazy morning that involved us putting in an offer on the Malden house… and having it accepted! We bought a house for my birthday. No biggie!

The next 10 days were filled with signing papers, calling loan officers and lawyers, and trying to not lose our minds. Lots of negotiations, an appraisal that didn’t work out in our favor at first but then ended up working out great, and having to restrain myself from buying lots of new fun things for a house that we didn’t quite own yet.

May 22nd – WE GOT ENGAGED! ‘Nuff said, right? OK fine – Eric proposed via a painting he commissioned from an artist in the Boston area and the ring is absolutely gorgeous. He timed it perfectly – we were headed to the beach with his family for the weekend and my mom was scheduled to come to Boston the week after for Sister’s graduation. I’m so freaking head over heels for this guy and even though it’s felt official for years (we’re almost to the 5 year mark!), now it’s official-official.


This is a painting of a picture we took in a JetBlue photo booth at Boston Calling (Memorial Weekend 2013). Eric didn’t realize it at the time, but he proposed exactly two years later (Memorial Weekend 2015).


Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend with my FIANCE!

May 28th – 30th – Sister graduated from Harvard. She’s the smartest. Mom was in town and we celebrated all the things with lots of delicious food! And Eric’s Mama and my mom got to meet for the first time!


Post-Celebratory Graduation Dinner


The Family!

June 6th – 14th – We celebrated the wedding of our great friends Sal and Katie. My Aunt Jamie and Uncle George and his sister Mary came to Boston and we had a great visit with them. And I ran my worst half marathon (perhaps more on this later – for now, it was hot and super hilly and my body still hasn’t bounced back from the marathon).

IMG_4082 IMG_4100June 15th – WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE! We’re freaking homeowners. Engaged homeowners, no less. Could we *be* anymore adult? (Cue the Chandler from Friends accent) (I’ve been watching a lot of Friends lately)


We own (half of) that house!!

Chandler Bing Could I Be - Could we *be* anymore adult?June 19th – 21st – The most epic weekend of house painting ever in the history of… house painting. We spent about 30 hours fixing up the horrendous paint job in the house. HUGE thanks to the friends and family who joined us for this epic party (and additional shout-outs to the “90s Summer Hits” Pandora station and Not Your Father’s Root Beer Ale). What’s funny is that although I hated the dark green, we ended up picking a lighter green for the kitchen/living space.

Before - oh so dark!

Before – oh so dark!

MUCH brighter - and no, we didn't paint the door that color. And no, it's not the same color as the wall - it's a way uglier green that will be fixed!

MUCH brighter – and no, we didn’t paint the door that color. And no, it’s not the same color as the wall – it’s a way uglier green that will be fixed!

June 27th – MOVING DAY! While I was sad to say goodbye to Somerville and its abundant restaurants and bars and Red Line access, I’m feeling pretty confident that in a few years Malden is going to be just as hip!

July 2nd – 5th – Friendcation 2015 in Asheville, North Carolina with some great friends. Even though it was much cooler and more overcast than expected, we still had a blast checking out the breweries, eating delicious biscuits and grits, and tubing down the French Broad River. We also did some antiquing (and acquired a fabulous vintage mirror to hang in the entryway of our NEW HOUSE!) and some hiking. All in all, a solid weekend getaway where we got to relax and not think about house stuff for a few days.

Thanks Whitney for letting me steal this Instagram photo!

And this one!

Now? Thankfully we’re home and without plans for the next two weekends which means we’ll have lots of free time to finish up some painting, unpack the rest of the boxes, begin to decorate, and enjoy our new home. On a random night last week, Eric and I went for a quick hike (did I mention that we live approximately 5 feet from a trail that leads to the Fells? Yes, this is why we bought the house). Within less than 10 minutes, we were out of our neighborhood, in the Fells, with beautiful views of the Boston skyline. Now that things are a little quieter, I’m so excited to begin to relax and enjoy what the summer holds for us – lots of grilling, sitting outside, hiking in our backyard, running the insane Malden hills, and reveling in our engagement and home ownership!

IMG_4125Any tips for this new homeowner? Tell me in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Time Flies and ALL The Updates

  1. Awesome update! I can’t wait to come visit (as soon as airfare prices hit a reasonable range). Love you lots and I’m so excited for all the wonderful things in your life!

  2. Hooray! Glad you’re back! 🙂 Yay happiness and love! ❤

  3. So happy for you guys!! Malden sounds great but I’m guessing Johnny would say you should move to CT

  4. So many good things! We love you and Eric and are thrilled for this chapter in your life!

  5. Hi Becky! Congratulations on all your wonderful news! Your house and land are just lovely! You and Eric sound like perfect life partners! (Props to Eric for creating such an exemplary proposal that you both will never forget!) Here’s to your next adventure!

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