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28 While 28 – Year in Review

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It’s my birthday!  When I turned 28, I made myself a hefty list of goals for the year. Now that the year is over, how much did I actually accomplish?

1. Get a Boston Marathon bib for the 2015 Boston Marathon. Yup!

2. Run my first marathon. Yup!

3. Run 6 half marathons. Check! I ran 5 official half marathons (June, July, August, October, March) and one unofficial half marathon in February.

4. PR in one of those half marathons New PR is 2:04:20. Next goal is to get under 2:00!

5. ACTUALLY begin doing yoga regularly again. Not quite – I was doing yoga regularly for a few months last summer/early fall, and haven’t gone back since spraining my ankle. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow morning?

6. Eat clean(er). I think I am a bit more conscious of the ingredients in the foods I buy.

7. Quit that coffee habit  True for the majority of the year, but I started drinking coffee regularly again a couple months ago. I ❤ coffee, but I’m going to try again to get back to not needing it on a regular basis.

8. Make our new house a home. I have officially lived somewhere for more than a year. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been able to say that. Of course, we’re now considering our next big move… but at least I finally broke the ‘move every year’ cycle!

9. Check out November Project on a Wednesday morning. Again, I was doing NP regularly for a few months last summer, but stopped when I sprained my ankle. It was a lot of fun, and I definitely plan on making it a part of my regular routine again. While I’m not quite ready to make a verbal for Wednesday, maybe I’ll go this week.

10. Get back to my goal weight… and stay there. Not quite, but I continue to work on it.

11. Officially apply to the Harvard Extension School’s Master of Liberal Arts program. Yup! I’m a grad student… again! And I’m even halfway through the coursework for my Masters in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Visual Arts.

12. Get 200 followers for my blog – I’m currently at 50! I have 86 followers via wordpress and email. My most recent post about the Boston Marathon had 187 views though!

13. Hike the Alps. Yup!

14. Run a sub-25 minute 5K (my PR is 26:17). Not yet! My sprained ankle took away some of my speed, but getting faster is one of my goals for the next year. I’m planning on running as many 5Ks as possible this year!

15. Plan my next Ragnar Relay. Not yet! Ragnar is so much fun, but it’s also a LOT of work to plan!! Anyone want to plan one for me?

16. Pay off those credit cards. Yup!

17. Check out Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville and (maybe) start rock-climbing again. Not yet! Maybe this summer?

18. Find a place to volunteer 1x a month. With all the time I spent fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society the last six months, there wasn’t much time for volunteering in other ways. Even though the Boston Marathon is over, I’m planning on staying involved and helping the organization in other ways – and am currently putting together a potential team of runners based at Harvard who are training this summer for races in the fall!

19. Spend more time with family Having my sister less than a half mile away this past year was AMAZING. Now that she’s moving to the other side of the city, and starting a job not in Harvard Square, I probably won’t get to see her as much (or stop in during her shifts at the library two blocks away to say hi). BUT at least she’s still in the Boston area! Mom is coming out to Boston in a few weeks for some fun celebrations, and then we’re taking another family trip to Chicago in September.

20. Talk to friends more often. I think I’ve been better at this? It may just be having  a random text conversation in the middle of a busy day, 48 hours of phone tag followed by a 30 minute catch up, or a few emails back and forth, but I think it’s improvement!

21. Blog at least once each week. Poor blog, I’ve been too busy for you. I’ll try to neglect you less.

22. Try acupuncture. Yes! My first acupuncturist was SUPER talkative and I did not enjoy her very much. However, I found another acupuncturist based at Harvard who is FANTASTIC. However, he’s also expensive. I did a few sessions with him the last month before the marathon and my ankle has been feeling really good (and less sore) since!

23. Keep a plant alive… without Eric’s help. My thumb is still black. Eric is the gardener of the family. I got a little flower as a Bridal Shower gift and it died while we were on a long-weekend-vacation. Eric magically brought it back to life, and it’s even got a new blooming flower. He’s in charge of the houseplants.

24. Cook 28 new foods/dishes. I wish I had kept better track of this, but we definitely cooked a lot more this past year than the year prior. I think that we ordered food in more often when we lived in Braintree because we didn’t have any markets close enough to stop in at on our way home. Living in Somerville, I can stop at the grocery store at Porter Square on my way home and pick up a few ingredients and then cook something quick and easy. Last night, I made some Tequila Lime Shrimp that were very tasty.

25. 28 days of running at least a mile every day. I actually tried this twice in the last year. During the summer, I got pretty close (missed just a few days). Then I did another challenge during the month of January where I had to run OR walk a mile every day – and I only really missed one day (I was very sick!). Luckily, I walk at least a mile just to get to work, so that aspect of the challenge made it a bit easier. AND I got a Winter Warrior shirt for completing the challenge, so that’s pretty cool.

26. Find a stranger in a bookstore and get a book recommendation. I get a big F- in the reading department. I’ve had no time, and by the time I realize I should go to bed, it’s too late to read before sleeping. If things work out with this possible new move, I’ll be spending  a little (not a lot) more time on the T – and maybe I’ll start reading again!

27. Plan the next big trip. We’re going to COSTA RICA! I just bought a travel book last week and I can’t wait to start planning the trip. We actually bought the plane tickets months ago – for the very reasonable price of $400 roundtrip (yay Jetblue! Yay rainy season!). Now it’s time to start planning!

28. Ok, let’s be honest. I don’t want to just run the Boston Marathon. I want to DOMINATE the Boston Marathon. I want to work and train hard for it so that when the big day comes, I feel good and positive and confident. I want to remember the day as one of my greatest accomplishments, one of the best days of my life. This one hurts a little, but it’s getting better. Just last week, someone asked how it went and without thinking, I said “It was good!” – even with a little bit of enthusiasm.

Overall, 28 was a good year. We moved back to Somerville; I got promoted; I traveled to Michigan, Switzerland, Italy, North Carolina, California, and the Cayman Islands; we celebrated weddings, baby showers, and births; and I ran the freaking Boston Marathon. How is 29 going to top this? Well… there’s already been some developments that indicate 29 is going to be GREAT! Later this week I’ll be posting my goals for this year! Stay tuned!


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