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Where’d the Hungry Monster Go?

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I call myself a Hungry Monster… almost daily. I am really good at eating. Shocking, right? The girl who has struggled with her weight for years and can be OCD when it comes to WW point calculations and calorie counts enjoys eating? Weird.

But seriously, I’m a Hungry Monster. If you had to ask me what my spirit animal is, I’d say Rolly from 101 Dalmations. You know Rolly, right?

Image result for rolly 101 dalmatians 

Rolly understands me.

So when I woke up Wednesday morning and had no appetite all day, I was concerned. The fact that I had to leave class halfway through Tuesday night because I wasn’t feeling great wasn’t concerning. The fact that I passed out at 7:30pm and slept for 11 hours wasn’t concerning. It was the fact that I didn’t want to eat all day on Wednesday that actually concerned me. I literally can’t remember a time where food turned me off and I didn’t want to eat.

And then it happened again on Thursday. No appetite. Had to force myself to eat. I didn’t work out Wednesday (you know, the whole “sleeping 11 hours” thing got in the way of cross-training). I didn’t work out Thursday either. This morning I met up with my personal trainer and couldn’t get through 10 burpees before wanting to quit. We spent the rest of our session focusing on slower strength training exercises that didn’t make me feel awful. But again, the idea of eating wasn’t too appealing. A few hours later, I decided to leave work and head home where I spent the afternoon napping on the couch.

What does this all mean for the Hungry Monster? Looks like the Hungry Monster has a bit of a bug. And looks like the Hungry Monster won’t be running 18 miles tomorrow. I’m super bummed to be missing this important day for marathon training, but at least there’s still the 20-miler to look forward to in a couple weeks. I emailed with my coaches and they were encouraging and made me feel better about missing some runs. The Hungry Monster is going to rest up and relax and hopefully be back in full force next week!


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