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2 Months til Boston


The Boston Marathon is 60 days away. In 60 days I will gather with thousands of runners for what I’m sure will be one of the most important days of my life. It’s surreal. The last few months I’ve been continuously surprised by the amazing support I’ve received from family and friends, and even long lost acquaintances that I haven’t spoken to for years. This journey is far from over, but I know that the next 60 days will fly by, and these monthly updates have helped me to make sense of it all so that I don’t forget any of it. I’ve raised more than $6,100 – and I’m almost within $1,000 of my personal goal of $7,500.


I picked bib #13 since we were running 13 miles.

This past month, my Boston Marathon Team in Training group surpassed the half-marathon mark in our long runs. To celebrate the half-marathon milestone – which was a very real milestone for some of my teammates who had never run a half-marathon – our coaches made us bibs to wear and set up an elaborate finish line for us to run through. On Saturday we’ll run 16 miles. Instead of saying at the end of the run, “The Boston Marathon is twice that distance,” I’ll be able to say “I only have to run 10 more miles” – something a little bit more fathomable.

My team consists of an incredible group of people, who are endlessly supportive. Even though I haven’t gotten to know many of my teammates super well, there is a clear sense of camaraderie, probably related to the fact that we all care so deeply about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and have varying connections to the organization. Before each week’s long run, one teammate shares their story and explains why they run. One woman explained that she is running the Boston Marathon for her brother who had recently been diagnosed with cancer and since she lives a thousand miles away from him, training and fundraising would be a way for her to support him. Today we were informed that her brother passed away last week. In those moments where the runs get hard and I feel like there’s no way I’m going to get through 26.2 miles, I will remind myself that I’m not running for myself – I’m running for Granny, for my teammate’s brother, for others we have lost, for those who continue to fight. Running 26.2 isn’t about me.

To support the fight against blood cancer, please consider a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


3 thoughts on “2 Months til Boston

  1. A great race and a great cause. And that’s a lot of money to raise! I’m sure it will make the run that much more special.

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