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Workout Wednesday: Double the Fun


Have you heard that there’s a ridiculous amount of snow in New England? There’s approximately 3 feet of snow on the ground (which, when shoveled and plowed, means piles of snow bigger than me that I could comfortably live in, igloo-style). The Red Line has pretty much given up on life and has had “severe delays” for days. Eric has given up on trying to get to the office and has worked from home the last few days. The snow has been so bad that I got home from work on Tuesday and ‘angry-shoveled’ the driveway for almost an hour and a half, in my work clothing. Great stress relief. Great workout.

However, all this snow means it is *very* hard to run outdoors right now. The only option is really to run in the street. While I have all the gear necessary to do so in the early mornings, it’s also cold. Last year, I kept running outside in the cold all winter long, but there was far less snow. Now that I belong to a gym, I’ve started running… on a treadmill.

Yeah… running in single, or even negative degree, weather is pretty crazy. But afterwards, you feel like a BAMF, so whatever.

I only joined the gym so that I could get affordable private personal trainer sessions (at $25 for a semester-long gym membership, it was a *really* good deal). I figured that I would use the gym ONLY for access to the trainer and the weight room. But then I had an hour to kill before meeting up with my trainer last week, so I decided “Well, it’s single-digit degrees outside… maybe I should use that time to go for a run at the gym.” Mind you, I used to LOVE running on the treadmill and never ran outdoors. But then one day I ran outside and realized what I had been missing. Getting back on the treadmill after more than a year was strange. And boring. Luckily, Harvard’s cardio machines overlook the pool, so I got to (creepily) watch a water aerobics class taking place on the floor below me. I took it easy on the run, and even watched Seinfeld.

Between this first foray onto a treadmill and today, 30+ inches of snow have taken over the Boston area. While considering my training schedule for this week, I decided to do my cross-training bike day on Tuesday, and switch my hill workout for Wednesday. Because of the gross amount of snow and slush, there’s no way to safely do a hill workout in the Somerville area (without a serious fear of tripping and falling in the gross snow and slush), so I woke up at 6am and trudged to the gym.

I’ve got to say, it was SUCH a good idea. I did an awesome hill workout on the treadmill per the instructions of my Team in Training Coach (Begin with a 10 minute warm up, very slow.  Then set the treadmill to 1 degree of elevation and your marathon pace.  Run at this elevation for 2 minutes.  Then increase the elevation to 2 degrees and run for another 2 minutes.  Keep climbing in this manner until you get to 5 degrees and then go back down from there). After I finished the 30 minute hill workout, I decided to run a really quick mile… as fast as I could. So I did. And I ran it in under 8 minutes. Overall, I spent about 45 minutes on the treadmill and didn’t think it was the most horrible thing in the world.

After a quick stretch and shower, I trudged through the snow to get to the office where I worked for a solid three hours before using my lunch break to meet my personal trainer for a quick 30 minute strength session. A second trudge to the gym, a second workout, a second quick stretch and shower, and I was back to work within an hour. Coming in a little early and staying a little late is TOTALLY worth being able to take time out of the middle of the day for some self-care. Double the workout, double the fun. I’d say it was a very successful #WorkoutWednesday.

How do you manage your time when it comes to fitting in fitness? Early bird or night owl? What kind of self-care do you practice during the workday to keep you happy and motivated?


2 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday: Double the Fun

  1. Early bird for me. I get up at 4:30 or 5 depending on how long my run is

    • 4:30? I have a mental block when it comes to waking up before 5. I can make myself go to bed at 9 and I can wake up at 5, but anything before that just won’t happen. I applaud you!

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