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Five (Gear) Things Friday


Happy Friday! This past week I’ve been having a lot of fun with gadgets and gear and I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!

1. Fitbit – The Fitbit has changed my life. Not only does it tell me how many steps I take and sync to Weight Watchers to give me activity points, but it has a SILENT ALARM CLOCK. This is a life-changer. For years, I’ve been waking Eric up between 5 and 6am so that I can workout and run in the mornings – an hour to two hours earlier than his own alarm. Now, the Fitbit buzzes softly on my wrist to wake me up – and lets him keep sleeping.


I apologize for how blurry this is – it’s really the most beautiful jacket you’ve ever seen. Especially when placed next to my medals.

2. Boston Marathon Jacket – Is there really anything else I need to say? It arrived in the mail this week and after trying it on to make sure I got the right size, I promptly hung it up and I will not wear it again until I’m done running the Boston Marathon. I might ask Eric to hold on to it while I’m running so that I can wear it on my way home from Copley Square. It’s beautiful and I finally get to be one of *those* people who wear their Boston Marathon jackets year-round because, why not?


Oh so cozy… which oftentimes ends up being oh so sweaty.

3. Awesome Saucony Gloves – I am loving these gloves. I got them on sale at City Sports and they are incredibly warm. No more numb fingers in the morning! The fact that they are bright pink helps, too. And they have a blinking red light that you can attach that is charged with a USB. These are some fancy gloves – and they only cost $20!

photo_5[1]4. YakTrax – If you live in New England, then you’re probably aware that we’ve seen a bit of snow in the last week. Team in Training practice was cancelled on Saturday so I decided to venture outside in the snow and try out my YakTrax for the first time. Overall, I was incredibly pleased with how they performed. I felt more confident running over the slippery and powdery snow than I would have in normal sneakers, I think. The only slightly annoying part was that snow would clump together in the coils of the YakTrax, forcing me to stop and pick out the snowballs under my feet. I wasn’t able to make it 11 miles like my training plan told me to, but I got through 9 miles, which I call a success. We’re getting a little bit snow right now and tomorrow morning, so I have a feeling I’ll be running tomorrow’s 13.1 miles with them on.

roadidwatch5. Road ID – Have I mentioned how much I love my Road ID? I got one last year after fainting in a BBQ restaurant while eating lunch. (OK fine, the real story is that immediately after getting off a flight from BOS to RDU, I gave blood with friends and even though I was hydrated and had eaten a good amount of food, I fainted at a BBQ restaurant an hour later). Some runners wear their Road IDs only while they’re running, but I wear mine 24/7 for running and fainting purposes. It has contact info for Eric and sister, explains that I faint sometimes, and that I have an allergy to penicillin. After wearing a too-big medium sized black band, Sarah got me a smaller teal band that is way cuter and fits much better. Road ID is also a super awesome company that is sponsoring the Dobie Dash 5K for LLS! Not only are they providing real race bibs to the first 50 people that sign up, but the first 50 people will be entered into a raffle to win $15 Road ID gift cards (3 winners will be chosen). Sign up for the Dobie Dash today for your chance to win a super awesome Road ID like mine or another piece of their super awesome running gear and apparel!


2 thoughts on “Five (Gear) Things Friday

  1. Hi ya, Becky! So fun to hear about your very busy, fun, and interesting life! I’ve been thinking about you girls this week with our intense winter weather, but it looks like you’ve got the system down! You go, girl! Here in Apple Hill, we usually get snowed in about three times a year, but it’s been in the 60’s all week, so I’ve been happily hitting the pool!

    We are all doing great here! I started my first “Open Studio” with some of my favorite art kids from my Children’s Art Studio (I closed it down when Dad passed so I could take care of my sweet little momma) It’s so fun to just blast the music and paint with my kids! I missed it!

    Love hearing from you, Doll!


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Great to hear from you!! I’m so jealous that the weather has been nice enough to use the pool. All we have are mountains of snow!

      You’re Open Studio sounds awesome! Will you start doing that more regularly again??

      Sending snowy love and hugs from Boston!

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