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3 Months until the Boston Marathon!


This morning as I was running to the Tufts University outdoor track for my track workout this morning, I realized the Boston Marathon is 3 months away. You could also say it’s 90 days away. This is getting so real, so fast.


Sarah and I after our chilly run on Saturday.

It’s been a month since I’ve done an update on my training and fundraising for the Boston Marathon and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Since my last update, I’ve done two team runs – 6 miles and 9 miles – and I’m slowly getting to know some of my teammates. This upcoming Saturday, after we run 12 miles together, one of my team mentor’s is taking a group of us out to brunch where I’ll hopefully get a chance to get to know more of my teammates. I’ve had to miss a couple practices, too. After the 9 mile run, I managed to get really sick, which kept me away from the following week’s 10 mile run. And this past weekend, Sarah was in town. This worked out in my favor though because instead of running 11 miles with my team in single digit degrees (negative degrees with windchill), I was able to run 3.5 miles on my own and 7.5 miles with Sarah a little later in the morning when it was warmer.

I’ve started doing real hill and track workouts. My neighborhood is perfect for both considering I have access to the Tufts University outdoor track and the hills around Tufts provide a great hill workout. I met with a personal trainer last week and have signed up to do strength training sessions with him once a week for the next month or so, and I’m pumped (haha) to get stronger, which will make me a stronger runner. AND, Sarah introduced me to Yoga with Adriene and I’m excited to start incorporating (FREE!) yoga into my weekly routine. The videos are as short as 15 to 30 minutes, which is perfect for me, and apparently there’s even an office yoga, which could be a great short break to the work day. We did about 45 minutes of yoga on Sunday, and my abs are still sore from all of that fun.

My ankle is still a little sore, so I’ve been icing it about once a day, either after my runs or at night before bed. I’m trying to be as attentive as possible to how it’s feeling, to make sure I don’t over do it. But, overall, despite recovering from an injury, 2 week illness, and slower pace, I’m pretty pleased with how training is going.

My fundraising is going so well and I’m so thankful for everyone’s support. To date, I’ve raised $5,549.20 towards my $7,500 goal. I’ve officially surpassed the minimum of $5,000 necessary to run the Boston Marathon, and now I’m pursuing my own personal goal. Through Yankee Candles, I was able to raise more than $450. I hosted a pizza fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen that did better than expected and raised $150. Right now, I’m taking registrations for the Dobie Dash 5K for LLS, a virtual 5K run or walk. Registration is $30, and at least $20 of that will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. All runners/walkers will even get a custom medal for participating. So far, 11 people have signed up and although it would be amazing to get 100 people and raise $2000, I would be thrilled to get even half of that. Sign up today and tell your friends to sign up, too!


Buy some raffle tickets and win a trip to Cancun. This is the view from the hotel’s beach. You’re lucky I can’t win the trip myself because I would absolutely go back there! 4 raffle tickets for $5 or an arm’s length of tickets for $20!

My last fundraiser will take place on Tuesday, March 31 at Flatbread Pizza in Somerville. In addition to Flatbread Pizza donating a couple dollars of *every* pizza purchased on Tuesday to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I’ll be hosting a raffle and silent auction featuring restaurant gift certificates, themed gift baskets, and a 4 night/5 day hotel stay in Cancun. For those of you in the Boston area, you won’t want to miss this. For those of you outside of the Boston area or unable to attend, I’ll be arranging a way for you to buy raffle tickets and win prizes, even if you’re not there in person. I won this same Cancun trip in a raffle several years ago and it was amazing! Save the Date – more details to come!


2 thoughts on “3 Months until the Boston Marathon!

  1. That’s great! Good luck and keep up the hard work!

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