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Five Things Friday

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It’s the 4th day of Hanukkah, it’s the last full week before a TWELVE day break from work, and I’m feeling pretty good about life. Here’s a Five Things Friday to discuss some of the great things going on right now.

1. Last weekend I was in California visiting my bffaeaetddup who is very pregnant to throw her a baby shower. I’m very excited about the upcoming birth of my newest niece (Note: My sister is not pregnant nor a mother, yet I already have several nieces. I have the greatest friends and I’m going to spoil their children rotten. You can’t stop me.) Beyond the whole “being pregnant” thing, she and her awesome hubby are also in the midst of a total home renovation, and it was so cool to see how far they’ve come in transforming this fixer-upper. And, their neighborhood smells like fresh tortillas.

2. After 48 hours in Northern California, I flew down to Los Angeles to see my Momma. After a quick dinner post-airport pick-up, we drove to Santa Monica to see “Not That Jewish” the inaugural performance of Jewish Womens Theater in their new performance and art space. Not only was it hilarious and personally touching, but my Momma made it all possible by commissioning the piece from comedian Monica Piper. It’s fantastic and you should see it if you’re in the Los Angeles area. Still not convinced? Here’s a review.


3. It’s Hanukkah! The first night was Tuesday so I got to celebrate with my Momma in Los Angeles before getting on the red-eye flight back to Boston. Tomorrow night, we’re hosting a small Hanukkah party where my sister is making latkes from scratch, I’m making soufganiyot (jelly donuts) from scratch, and some friends are bringing their daughters (two of my aforementioned nieces) to learn about the holiday. Apparently the 5 year old has been prepping for the party all week and has some pink menorah decorations for us to hang up. There will probably be some dreidels and funny Hanukkah youtube videos to go with the food.

4. Gifts! I love giving gifts and everything is so nicely wrapped in preparation for tomorrow night (and Christmas with Eric’s family). Eric and I exchanged Hanukkah gifts last night and he surprised me with the MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL Garmin running watch. It has GPS. It has a heart monitor. It’s the fanciest thing in the world. Because everyone knows running is my only hobby/extracurricular interest, I’ve also received a new RoadID bracelet, I Believe in the Blerch socks, and The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances book.

BeckySanta5. Tomorrow is my first run with Team in Training! And, because it’s the holiday season, there’s a contest for the best running costume and the winner will get $100 towards their fundraising. I happen to know someone with a full body Santa outfit… beard and hat included… and I’m offering to run in this full body Santa outfit… for SIX MILES… if I can raise $100 between now and tomorrow morning at 8am. Who wouldn’t want to see this nice Jewish girl run around Wellesley in a too-big Santa costume? Donations can be made through my fundraising website or through Dobie Dash registrations. There’s only 18 hours (my favorite number!) to go!

What are you happy or excited about on this lovely Friday? Tell me in the comments!


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