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Trigger Foods, or Why I’m Not Allowed to Bake Anymore


I had an important revelation at Weight Watchers tonight. Or, rather, an important revelation was pushed onto me. I skipped the meeting last week because I had to work late. Even though I knew that I wasn’t going to see any love from the scale tonight, I forced myself because I needed some serious tough love from my WW leader, Maria.

I didn’t feel like participating so I sat in the back. The topic of the day was asking our food if it was worthy of us (aka what questions can you ask yourself before eating something). Recognizing my silence, Maria called me out and asked what questions I ask myself when presented with food choices.

“Really? You’re asking the girl who ate pretty much an entire batch of cookies this weekend?”

And all of a sudden, I was no longer hiding in the back. From a discussion of the original reason why I chose to bake cookies (because I was pre-menstrual, stressed out, avoiding my paper, and craving sugar) to the ways I could have avoided eating the whole batch (knowing that I *could* freeze them, *could* bring them to work, or *could* have purchased a single serving treat is not the same as having any interest in doing those things), Maria eventually said something horrible:

“Becky, maybe you shouldn’t bake.”

I’m sorry, what? I shouldn’t bake?! I love baking! I love baking cookies and pies and muffins and biscuits and… and… I have a bookmarked website for mini eggnog cheesecakes that I’ve been meaning to try!!

I also love eating raw dough (yes, I know it’s got raw eggs but after 28 years of eating raw dough I’ve never been sick, SO THERE). And I have no self control when it comes to sweets. I’ve never had self control when it comes to sweets. If it’s got a sugar base, then servings don’t exist and it’s more than ok to eat EVERYTHING.

“Becky, how many cookies did your boyfriend eat?

“Um… maybe three?”

“And how many did you eat?”

“Um… no comment. Except that there were no more cookies after 24 hours.”

I’m an adult, yet I don’t know how to say no to baked goods. So, even though I almost cried in tonight’s meeting, I think Maria might be right. I think that I might need to retire from baking.

I’ll still bake for special occasions… But only when I’m not taking it home at the end of the night or there are guests to take the leftovers home with them. And it’s not like I’m not allowed to eat baked goods – I’d obviously never give that up – I’m  just not allowed to bake them for myself.

I’m super sad about tonight’s revelation, but in the end, I know that it’s for the best. Sigh. At least I still have my crock pot.

What have you had to give up for your weight loss goals? Or, to keep up with tonight’s main WW topic, what do you ask your food before you choose to eat it?


7 thoughts on “Trigger Foods, or Why I’m Not Allowed to Bake Anymore

  1. I have started to ask, “what will fill me and satisfy me most for the least amount of calories?” Answer: fruit and veggies. But sugar is just so satisfying!

    • I agree! My dessert of choice is frozen peaches and cool whip but on this particular night I had run out of both and knowing I had all the ingredients to bake cookies took over. Ugh! Went to the grocery store first thing on Sunday and fixed the situation 🙂

  2. I totally understand eating the baked treats….I have said for years that I do not have willpower, my sister tells me it is all in my head. i know that ifd treats are around I will eat them and now it is Christmas, Hanukkah, kwanza or whatever you may be celebrating and there are baked goods and candies everywhere….I just lost 10 pounds and it going to be a struggle not to gain them back let alone lose more… Thanks for allowing me to vent. Happy holidays!

    • Charlene – you can ALWAYS feel free to vent over here – this is a safe place 🙂 That’s awesome that you’ve lost 10 pounds – congratulations! One tip I heard at last night’s meeting was “Is this food special to this holiday or can I eat it anytime?” If you can eat it anytime, there’s no point going out of your way to eat it! Happy Holidays to you, too!!

  3. I’ve pretty much stopped baking as well for basically the exact same reason. I recently found some pre-made gluten free cookie dough and comes in a tub and I do ok when I just portion out enough for a serving or two. If I make a whole batch, forget about it! I’m really trying to cut back on sugar and baked goods, I just LOVE sugar and baked goods….so yeah.

    • I’d love to be able to get to a point where that was an option… unfortunately, I grew up sneaking off bites/halves/wholes of cookie dough tubs and rolls from my childhood freezer. My mom has the self-control and ability to just break off one or two for a sweet treat, whereas I will stand in front of the freezer eating those individual servings before they even get on the cookie sheet. If only there was cookie dough in a tub that was legit toxic unless baked, then MAYBE I could get away with it, haha

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