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Acupuncture, or How Needles Don’t Bother Me

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Note: This post includes an image of my acupuncture treatment. If you don’t like needles, don’t scroll down.

One of my 28 things for my 28th birthday was to try acupuncture for the first time, and my sprained ankle gave me an excellent reason to finally do it! When I showed up to Weight Watchers that first week with a boot on, one woman immediately started telling me about how she injured her elbow and with the help of acupuncture was able to start playing tennis again quickly. She then gave me the name of her acupuncturist and suggested (/commanded) that I reach out to her.

I’ve  never been that worried about needles. Thanks to a stint on Acutane where I had blood drawn monthly, needles don’t really bother me. I’d be happy to give blood on a regular basis… if I didn’t have that whole ‘fainting’ thing to worry about.

unimpressed animated GIF

Oh, you want to jab me with sharp needles? Shmeh. No biggie.

So, I made an appointment to get acupuncture. The acupuncturist was *very* nice but also *very* talkative. As she asked questions about my ankle in order to determine how we should go about the session, she randomly asked to see my tongue. After seeing my tongue, she asked if I had stomach issues (I do! WEIRD!). So, in addition to treating my ankle, she also jabbed me in the stomach. The needles are super thin so I only felt a small pinch when she inserted them. The surrounding area of the needles in my stomach turned bright red and then slowly faded, which she said (/claimed) means that the stomach issue is being treated by the needles (aka it’s a good thing).  While I layed there with needles all over, she continued to make small talk. Again, she really was a lovely person, just way too talkative for my taste. I went for a second session, asked if I could wear headphones while I was stuck with needles, and it was a better experience.


It was a little hard to take a picture of the needles in my ankle and leg since there were also needles in my hands…


Bright red needle spots on my tummy!

All in all, acupuncture was pretty cool and I definitely want to find a cheaper (and quieter) way to do it. There are some community acupuncture places where you have acupuncture done in a room with a bunch of other people. It’s usually more affordable and now that I know listening to music via headphones is an option, I think I might try that next!


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