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Boston Marathon Training Begins!


All of a sudden it’s December 1st and the first day of training for the Boston Marathon. What?!

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The Boston Marathon is also exactly 20 weeks away. Is it just me or does 20 weeks sound SO close whereas 5 months sounds a lot farther?

Because I like to organize and plan things, I created my marathon training plan as soon as I was accepted onto the team. Since them, I’ve made some adjustments and I think I finally have the perfect training plan. Because of the continued ankle healing process, I’m happy that long runs start at 3 miles, allowing me to slowly work my way back up. Yesterday I ran 5, just to see how it would go and it felt pretty good but it was definitely a little sore this morning. Nothing horrible, but definitely something to be aware of as I keep working it.

Here’s the training plan in a nutshell:

Monday: Rest Day (except for days like today where I need to make up for a food-filled weekend!)

Tuesday: Track or Hill Workouts

Wednesday: Bike (or Harvard Stadium with November Project when my ankle is back to 100%)

Thursday: Run

Friday: Bike

Saturday: Long Runs with Team!

Sunday: Recovery Workout (Run or Bike or Walk)

I also plan on incorporating two days of strength training (and am always looking for good hand-weight-based workouts, so send me your favorites!) and one day of yoga. Yoga will probably be an additional workout on Tuesdays or Thursdays (depending on my class schedule) and strength training will probably be on the bike days. It’s intense, but I’m SUPER motivated to follow the plan! And knowing that I actually have one real Rest Day helps!

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Or, in the words of Michael Scott, a Day of Chillax


Today is the start of an awesome adventure, and I can’t wait to see how it goes! I can’t imagine how fast the next 20 weeks are going to go, but I’m excited to share with you all how it goes! You can also keep track of my progress here!

What suggestions or tips do you have for a first-time marathoner? Reply in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training Begins!

  1. Go you! So excited for you!

  2. Lift heavy! Hand weights– pffts. Get thee to a gym. Do big strength moves for your butt, hamstrings, and core. That’s will really help in building up the endurance and power you’ll need for those long miles. Maybe big-strength-Wednesday?

    • But… but… but… I don’t like the gym / don’t know how to do those things. Do you know of any good resources online that explain how to use them? I know I can join the Harvard gym for cheap, but I’ve been putting it off… :/

  3. I would use this month to slowly build up your volume. just add a little intensity a few times a week…but mostly start getting in some miles. Nice and easy..its all about reducing risk of injury at this point before you get into your more intense workouts. My 2 cents!

  4. Good luck with your training. The main suggestion i’d give is to listen to your body. Taken an extra rest day, when your body is worn out can prevent a more serious injury from developing.

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