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Tumbling Tuesday


Part 1, approximately 12:45pm

Let’s hope this isn’t too catchy of a title.

Today is turning into one of those “no-good, very-bad” days where nothing seems to go right… but only for the right side of my body. (*Note: This is all very much tongue-in-cheek as I recognize the horrible things that happen on a daily basis and the fact that my tumbles are not in any way that big of a deal. However, I hope readers get some amusement from the absurdity of this day.)

This morning, I went for a run instead of to yoga. Knowing that it was going to possibly be gross and rainy the next couple days, I figured I’d take advantage of the drier weather and put in 4-5 miles. It started to lightly drizzle about a mile and a half into the run, but didn’t last very long (Note: this means the sidewalks were pretty much dry). I stayed on a route that I knew was well lit because it was pretty dark out. Yet, 3 miles in, I hit the edge of some broken sidewalk and flew forward, landing on my right elbow and right knee. Good news: my phone that I was holding in my right hand was safe and sound in my glove that I used to protect it from the previous drizzle. Bad news: I ripped a hole in the knee of my nice winter running pants and busted up my knee and elbow. Worst news: Nice winter running pants generally cost around $50 and having a gaping hole in them renders them pretty useless in the cold.


photo 2 (2)Harvard is hosting free flu vaccination clinics for employees so at noon I walked over to the health clinic to get my shot. The nurse asked me how I was feeling today (to ensure I didn’t have a fever or was sick) and I joked about how I was fine other than my scraped up knee and elbow, and that I might as well get the flu shot in my right arm to keep all discomfort to one side. We chatted a little about the perils of running outdoors and mentioned that recently she had gone for a run before work and then tripped much later while walking casually into her office building.

Minutes later as I walked casually out of the building, I mis-stepped and rolled my ankle on some uneven bricks. I managed to (kinda) keep my composure, hop over to a large potted plant, drop everything I was holding onto the ground by my feet, and let the pain do its thing while I furiously texted Eric about how horrible the pain was instead of screaming outloud. A few people saw my mis-step and stopped to ask if I was ok. Nope. Not ok. My ankle has never hurt this bad. That time I tripped walking out of my house doesn’t even come close. I stopped in CVS and bought an ice pack (and large band-aids for my still-bloody knee). For now, I’m just going to sit at my desk and not move for as long as possible.

photo 1 (2)

Crucial post-injury treatments.

BUT THEN (yes, it gets better) as I limped back to my office, I was walking close behind a young boy whose parents were walking a good five feet in front of him. As he walked by a bike, he touched it (of course) and managed to un-balance the bike… causing it to fall… into the right side of my body. Luckily it fell slowly and not hard, but REALLY? I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Needless to say, I will not be running tomorrow morning. And at this rate, probably not Thursday either. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow and when life is sending you signs that you should stay indoors and not move around too much, you should listen.

Part 2, approximately 8:30pm

After a few hours of icing my ankle at my desk, my boss and colleague saw me limping to the bathroom and suggested I go home and actually get off my feet. My boss also wondered if perhaps I should have it looked at. My doctor’s office has a great nurse triage phone line, so I figured there was no harm in calling and asking what the best strategy was to make my ankle feel better and at what point would I need to worry.


That doesn’t look too swollen…

 Wellllll after describing the shooting pain up my ankle when I put weight on it, the nurse suggested I try and find a foot/ankle doctor who would be willing to see me today and do x-rays. Mind you, it’s after 3:00pm at this point. I immediately called the two suggestions, and the second office had an opening… in 15 minutes. I ordered an Uber, packed up my stuff, and hobbled downstairs. I was only 5 minutes late.

I’ve never had x-rays done before (well, other than the x-rays they do at the dentist); I’ve never broken or sprained or twisted anything before. The nurses were super nice and I’m pretty sure they thought I was hilarious, especially after I described my crazy day.

So, what was the verdict? Wellllll….


This is going to look *really* cute with my costume for Saturday’s bar crawl.

In the words of the Doctor: “Well, I can’t tell you that there’s a crack… but I also can’t tell you that there’s not a crack. It could be a bruise, or it could be a tiny crack.” I’ll be wearing a walking cast for the next week, and then depending on how I feel, I can move up to sneakers for week 2. I’ll be seeing the doctor in 2 weeks. AKA NO RUNNING FOR 2 WEEKS! The last time a doctor told me I wasn’t allowed to run for multiple weeks was when I was getting tested for my little fainting problem 2 years ago. I haven’t gone 2 weeks without a run in TWO YEARS. Oy.

Because I have no interest in this being a “thing” for more than 2 weeks, I’m going to listen to the doctor and be as good as possible (no running, only walking… slowly). This means I might be wearing sneakers at Sarah’s wedding and that I might have to bail on my half marathon on 11/8. For now, I’m just going to try and take it one day at a time and look forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.


5 thoughts on “Tumbling Tuesday

  1. Bummer!! I hope it turns out to just be a bruise!

  2. Hoping the best for you!!!

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