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My adventures running in Boston, searching for that runner's chai.

October 18th



Some unexpected beauty during an ugly run.

I woke up this morning fully expecting to go on a 10 mile run. Unfortunately, my body had other plans aka my body had 0 interest in running that far. Totally fair. We were out late last night and I didn’t eat a ‘real’ dinner aka only some app snacks at our friends’ house before going to a bar to see some live music. So, rather than feel sad or mad about not hitting my mile goal, I let myself do a 6-mile run/walk and took my time exploring a new trail and taking pictures of the beautiful day. The picture above happened when I was standing on a bridge and a flock of birds decided it was a perfect time to come flying over my head. After eating some real fuel today, I’m going to try again for a run tomorrow and see if I can get through 6 miles a little bit more successfully.

Another pretty spot

In other news, I am FLOORED by the generous response to my fundraising efforts for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’ve raised $3,036 — 40% of my goal — in just a few weeks. My friends and family are amazing and I am so grateful.

In honor of one of the best numbers and the inspiration of my blog name, RunnersChaiLife, I’ve decided to write monthly updates on my marathon training and fundraising progress on the 18th of each month.

Chai aka aka 18 is an awesome number in the Jewish faith. The word chai means “life” and it’s customary in Jewish fundraising (and special occasions like bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, etc.) to give multiples of chai – 18, 36, 72, etc. This combination of life and charity couldn’t be more perfect for my current efforts to raise critical funds to help those battling life-threatening blood cancers.


While I wait for marathon training to begin (December!), I’m focusing my efforts on raising as much money as I can for LLS. If you hate shopping in public or want to support a good cause while you shop, you can order Yankee Candles online and 40% of your purchase will go towards LLS! That’s right – you buy a $25 candle, and $10 goes to LLS. Feel good about your holiday shopping! Go to and enter 990071104 in the Group number (It should say L and L Society Becky Solo in the Welcome Page).

Haven’t had a chance to give yet? Don’t worry, you have PLENTY of time (6 months and 2 days to be exact) BUT if you’re ready, here’s the link!

2 thoughts on “October 18th

  1. Honey, this is another great post. I didn’t understand some of the stuff re: margins/padding/text align?? but that’s millenial speak, right? As usual, I’m printing a hard copy so Mika B can enjoy. Will send it to her when I get Mika’s new resume that she’s polishing up for the fellowship. But I hope what this means is that you’ll just stick to a monthly post on the 18th. I think if you do more than that it is. . . excessive. You have a beautiful life – get out from behind the computer to enjoy it even more!!! Love, Mom

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