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Transformation Tuesday


As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m once again attending weekly Weight Watcher meetings. Even though yesterday was only my 3rd meeting since my triumphant return, I already feel a little better about the situation (you know, the situation where I gained back 10 pounds in less than a year – whoops). Since the start of the month, WW meetings have been focused on the idea of returning to WW after an absence – how convenient for me. Last week we were asked to bring in an object or photo from the past that reminds us why we’re motivated and… in it to win it, so to speak. My WW leader brought in an old pair of pants that were literally twice as big as her – really demonstrating how amazing her 130lb weight loss was. To be completely honest, I forgot to bring in an object, but thanks to the power of the internet and fancy phones, I was able to get “before” and “after” pictures. I’ve known my WW leader for almost 2 years and she has only known “after” Becky – the Becky that was (and will be again!) 30 pounds smaller than her highest high – so it felt important to show her “before” Becky.

So, in honor of #TransformationTuesday, here is a before picture:

Taken at the opening of the Linde Family Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. September 2011.

And my after picture:


Taken at the wedding of my BFFAEAETDDUP. September 2013.

The important thing to note in these pictures is that cute guy standing by my side (or, by my mom’s side in the “after” picture). Eric has been one of the most important factors and motivators in my transformation, and if not for his love and support, I’m not sure I ever would have realized that I wasn’t ‘destined’ to be a size 12 or un-athletic. I had dabbled in running before he came around, but his loving helped me to learn to love myself and word harder, eat better, and be happier.

So why the total sap session on the blog today? It’s not just #TransformationTuesday. This week also marks the 4th anniversary of my relationship with Eric. For 4 years, he’s helped inspire me to be a better runner. He was the one who originally suggested we train for a 10K (because, according to him, I “obviously” could already run 3 miles, so why not go for a bigger distance). He’s the one who doesn’t complain when I wake him up at 5am for my morning run before work, even though he’s rarely able to go back to sleep. He’s the one who doesn’t mind that I spend hours running on weekends… and that I oftentimes have to plan my weekends and getaways around my training schedule. When I decided to run my first half-marathon, he was there, cheering me on. When I decided to try and run a half-marathon every month during 2014, he didn’t tell me I was crazy; instead, he told me that I could totally do it. And now that I’m applying for a Boston Marathon bib, knowing full well that marathon training and raising $5,000 is going to be my major priority from December 2014 – April 2015, he’s ready to be a part of it. When I start training, he’ll even be by my side… on his bike… as I amp up my mileage and prepare for those 26.2.

Happy Anniversary, Eric. Thank you – for loving me and for helping me to love myself. I love you.


2 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

  1. You look sooo amazing!!!! Beautiful!! XOXO!!

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