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Race Recap: Yukan Run Triple Threat Half Marathon


On Sunday, I ran half marathon #8 in beautiful Rockport, MA. For those of you who aren’t as up to speed on your New England geography, Rockport is the sticky-outy piece north of Boston, with ocean views on three sides.


Can I live here, please?

So, when you have to run 13 miles around a little piece of land like that, you’re going to get a LOT of ocean views.

My coworker/classmate/friend Hilary (she gets all the labels) and I signed up for this race together. She’s been following my adventures and had never run one before, and with a goal to do a race every month, I offered to do her first with her. You may remember that we ran the One Run for Boston together and had a great time (and ran comfortably at a similar pace) so I knew it would be fun.


Pre-race selfie

I only had 3 weeks between this half and the Narragansett half in July, and I didn’t do a single long run in-between them. Our good friends got married the weekend after Narragansett, and I barely made it through a 4 mile run on the hotel treadmill (boringggggg). The weekend after, Eric and I headed to Rhode Island for the Newport Folk Festival so I went for a 6 mile run Friday morning before work and then just had fun biking around Newport during the weekend. And that’s it. Not sure if that was good or less-good planning, but it definitely felt like it had been forever since I’d gone for a nice, long run.

Hilary and I carpooled up to Rockport and made it to the race early enough to find a spot on one of the nearby residential streets. SO MUCH better than parking at the further away parking lot the race had organized for runners and taking their shuttle. We were able to walk from the car to pick up our bibs, and then walk back to the car to drop off our race shirts and goodie bags.




The weather was a little dreary looking, but close to perfect for running. It was really overcast, and we were sprinkled with rain a few times. The weather stayed moderately cool in the low 70s, but there was definitely some humidity that made it feel warmer. Between running with Hilary, not wanting to push myself too hard, and wanting to take lots of pictures, I kept at an average 11 minute or so pace.




After the race, we enjoyed some delicious post-run snacks including jerky, protein shakes, and Cape Cod chips. And, while poor Hilary got a horrible sunburn (as you can see from the pictures, this was a huge surprise – where’s the sun!?) I managed to get an awesome racerback tan.




So proud of her – look at that huge smile at the end of her first half marathon. She loved it so much that she signed up for a second half marathon the next day!

Next up – Smuttynose Rockfest in Hampton Beach in October. It was my first half marathon and so far, it’s my fastest at just under 2:10 (literally, 2:09:56 or something absurd). I WILL set a new PR at this year’s race. Now, time to get my shit together and start really training!

Then what? Not sure yet. I have some races for November and December that I’m thinking about signing up for. And after that? Boston Marathon (fingers crossed). And after that? Well… there’s this…

What do you think? Do you think the November Project and the 3,000+ Harvard Stadium stairs are good enough preparation for the Great Wall of China Marathon? Who wants to come with me?


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Yukan Run Triple Threat Half Marathon

  1. So sweet, honey. Congrats to Hillary! Yukan Run and Smuttynose: boy these re weird names!

  2. You had me at “sticky-outy”!

    Anyway, go Becky go! Good job!

  3. Awesome photos you hal mary junkie lol 🙂 annnnnd cape cod chips yum yum!!!

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