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2 Month Goal Check-In


The first two months of being 28 years old are officially over (WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!), so I thought it might be good to check in and see how I’m doing on my goals. Here are some updates:

3. Run 6 half marathons. 1 down, 1 this weekend, 3 to go!

5. ACTUALLY begin doing yoga regularly again. I went to yoga! Once! But my lower back kind of hurt afterwards. I’m considering going back next week. I know that strengthening my back would make it hurt less, and yoga is a decent way to do that, it’s just probably going to take some time.

8. Make our new house a home. In Progress. We’ve painted the living room and dining room. We still need to paint the bedrooms, office, and entryway. The artwork is no longer piled up in a corner of a room and is now spread up among the rooms where I think I want to hang them. Just need to get out the hammer and nails.

9. Check out November Project on a Wednesday morning. Fail. Maybe Wednesday? I’m having trouble getting the motivation to go by myself and have been asking people if they want to join me. Anyone? Bueller? Please? I tweeted at the November Project about how one of these weeks I’ll actually get there, and someone responded that saying stuff like that meant nothing and that if I want to make it happen, I need to be more accountable. So, that was awkward. I tweeted back and said I’m going Wednesday, so I think I actually have to go now… Also, now there’s another run club, RunFellow, that I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I also want to check out. If stairs aren’t your thing, how about running in a group? Anyone?

10. Get back to my goal weight… and stay there. Ugh. I’m still about 7 pounds off from my goal weight and it’s annoying as hell. I’m trying something new to see if a shake up in the routine will help, and instead of Weight Watchers, I’ve been using Lose It! a relatively new calorie-counting app. I like the app, but I haven’t (yet) been successful. Some days I track using both apps which is kind of a pain, but helps to compare how I’m doing in regards to both.

16. Pay off those credit cards. YES!

18. Find a place to volunteer 1x a month. Working on it. We’re so busy that it’s hard to figure out where/when. I’m hoping that once the summer is over (and we no longer have plans EVERY.SINGLE.WEEKEND) we’ll have more time to devote to others.

23. Keep a plant alive. So far so good! I got 2 little plants from Trader Joes the weekend after we moved in and they’re both still alive! Sister also gifted me a little cactus. That’s 5 plants in the house right now. They’re all alive. They have little buds, which I’m pretty sure means that they’re GROWING. And I’m the one watering them!

24. Cook 28 new foods/dishes. I made strawberry rhubarb pie for the first time a few weekends ago, so there’s one! Although, I got so excited about the people who came over for a little cook-out that I accidentally left it in the oven… for an hour and a half. Whoops. It was still (mostly) edible! For July 4th, I made this Red, White, and Blue Fruit Pizza from Skinnytaste (don’t be fooled by the name, it was actually more of a cookie cake and it was DELICIOUS). And I made this skinny taco dip too (also from Skinnytaste), which was also super yummy. AND my ‘big sis’ came to visit last month and sent me the Runners World Cookbook as a thank you that I am SO excited to start cooking from!

Ignore how gross I look - focus on how pretty my masterpiece is!

Ignore how gross I look – focus on how pretty my masterpiece is!

The taco dip was almost gone before sister and her bf came over to the house.

The taco dip was almost gone before sister and her bf came over to the house.

25. 28 days of running at least a mile every day. See yesterday’s post.

SO that’s the update! The year is already 1/6th over! It is crazy to think about. Time is flying, so I must be having fun 🙂

What goals are you working on this summer? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “2 Month Goal Check-In

  1. Hi Becky! I just found your blog. It’s awesome. This is Cheri (Courtney’s mom). I love your goal list! You go girl! Funny you should ask what I’m working on this summer. I just posted on my blog my race strategy for the half marathon I’m running with Kristen and Courtney in January 2015. Let me know what you think. 🙂

    • Hi Cheri! I read your blog and I’m so excited/jealous that you’re all running the Star Wars half marathon! I think your strategy is great, and I’m sure Kristen and Courtney will love the plan, too! I can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

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