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Goal #25 and Runner’s World #RWRunStreak

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Last week I posted my 28 goals for this year and #25 was to run 28 consecutive days of at least 1 mile.

Goal 25. 28 days of running at least a mile every day (thanks Dan S. aka Courtney’s hubby for the suggestion!). This might be a great way to get runs in during the colder winter months. If I can tell myself that I only need to run 1 mile every day, I’ll have an easy way to motivate myself to get outside!

Well, looks like I’m not waiting until the winter. Runner’s World is hosting a challenge to get people to run at least a mile every day from Memorial Day to 4th of July. If I complete the challenge, that’s 40 days of running. Holy smokes, that’s a LOT of running.

I just signed up and you can follow how I’m doing here.

OR you can join the fun and sign up for the challenge here. DO IT!



One thought on “Goal #25 and Runner’s World #RWRunStreak

  1. Very cool!!! You’re awesome!! You can do it!! XOXO!!

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