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My adventures running in Boston, searching for that runner's chai.

Headed to Austin, TX


Technology is a crazy thing, my friends. I am ON A PLANE headed to Austin, TX for the CASE Persuasive Writing Conference and there is wifi, allowing me to chat on Facebook, read the news, and write a blog post. I may have paid $13 for the honor of having 1 hour to do these things, but on a 5 hour flight, I think it’s worth it.

You know what’s fun? Hanging out at Logan Airport the day after the Boston Marathon. I swear, everyone on my flight ran the marathon yesterday or was the significant other/child of someone who ran the marathon. They’re all wearing their marathon jackets and their marathon medals. Some are clearly a little sore, limping along the terminal, while some appear as if it’s any other regular day… except today they get to wear some serious bling around their neck. And I want to hug ALL of them.

I love all the runners. ALL OF THEM.

Because I’m a huge nerd, I may have struck up conversations with at least one family, ooh’ed and aah’ed at some of the wheelchair racers in the security line in front of me (because, they are all BAMFs), and quietly (but still out loud) congratulated a line of runners sitting in the terminal as I walked past them.

There have been some amazing articles about the Boston Marathon in the last 24 hours. A friend shared this one, which I have to share here, because it totally exemplifies the feelings of the 118th Boston Marathon. The idea that this year, everyone was going to finish, and nothing was going to stop them. The only thing that stopped me from crying while reading that article was remembering that I *am* on a plane, surrounded by people (and still a few marathoners).

Back to the point of this post – I’m headed to Austin! For a conference! That will help me write more persuasively! And I’m very excited!

Our hotel seems pretty central to a bunch of great areas to run, so I’m excited to explore in the mornings before the conference starts each day. I’ve done a little crowd-sourcing and have a few trails that I want to check out, including the trails along Shoal and Barton Creek and Lamar Beach/Lady Bird Lake. Any other suggestions of where I should run while I’m in Austin? Where should I eat? Give me some tips!


2 thoughts on “Headed to Austin, TX

  1. Hi there, my aunt Lyn Foster Webb referred me to you since I lived in Austin for ten years (and miss it very much!). I’m not a runner, but Lady Bird Lake is a very popular running spot. As for restaurants, here are a few recommendations: Chuy’s or Pappasito’s (Tex-Mex; I love their fajitas); Rudy’s BBQ; Tacodeli or Torchy’s Tacos (tacos, obviously); Trudy’s (another Tex-Mex spot with great Mexican Martinis); Kerbey Lane Cafe or Magnolia Cafe (American; diner-type food); Moonshine is a great restuarant downtown; good for dinner or weekend brunch. I hope this helps!

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