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Marathon Monday

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I love my job. Love love LOVE my job. But when I found out that Harvard doesn’t observe Patriot’s Day aka Marathon Monday, I was shocked. And depressed. The rest of Massachusetts, especially its schools and universities, celebrate the holiday, but Harvard continues to hold classes and remains open for business.

Pretty much my exact reaction when I was told that I had to come into work instead of stand on Comm Ave and cheer for thousands of inspirational people.


I’m attending a conference in Austin, TX Tuesday-Friday this week and taking a personal day next week to move, so it would be really unprofessional to take a personal day just to celebrate the Marathon. So, instead, I will be watching it from my desk. This is what I did last year and it ended up working really well until the bombing. We have nice big monitors that can support double screens – so on one side of my screen will be Boston Marathon coverage and the other side of my screen will be Boston Marathon coverage… I mean, the reports I need to write.


At this point, my team probably secretly refers to me as that crazy runner. Watching the marathon from my desk will be no surprise.

Even though my long run day was yesterday (8 miles – and I was able to keep my pace under 10 minute miles, weeeee!) but I still woke up early this morning to get in 3.5 miles around Pond Meadow Park. We start moving April 27, so I only have a few more runs in Braintree left. While this morning’s run wasn’t the Boston Marathon, fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get a bib next year and will be in Hopkinton this time on April 20, 2015.


It's still cold, so there was a nice hazy mist over the pond this morning.

It’s still cold, so there was a nice hazy mist over the pond this morning. There were also some deer who were unwilling to pose for a picture. Rude.

Good luck runners!



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  1. Happy Monday!! I love your go get em attitude!!! Yay you!

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