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Boston Marathon Part 2

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With plans to travel to Austin tomorrow for a work conference, I didn’t watch the Boston Marathon as closely as I did last year, but here are some of my thoughts on what I did manage to catch:

Tatyana McFadden – What an awesome birthday present for herself – 25 years old and two-time marathon winner in the women’s wheelchair division.

Shalane Flanagan – amazing. Not only did she lead the women the majority of the race, but when she grabbed her Gatorade at one of the stops and got pushed behind some of the others, she pushed her way back through to the front, and continued to drink her Gatorade like a bamf! I missed the part where she was overcome by the other 4 runners, led by Jeptoo. She was still able to get in the top 10, finishing 7th. I’m sure she’s disappointed she didn’t win it for Boston, but she’s still amazing. AND she still managed to achieve a personal best here.

Rita Jeptoo – flying down the last few miles, running faster than the green line at one point. 2:20:43 was the course record and while smiling and waving, she slayed the record with 2:18:57 for a new course record. She looked so adorably happy, falling to the ground with tears, and then standing up to jog around with utter happiness. While I wish Shalane could have kept her crazy momentum throughout the course, I also kind of love that Jeptoo finished first again this year.

Meb Keflezighi – an American (!) who left the other elite men in his dust. I’m so sad that I missed his triumphant finish where he apparently did so with his fists pumping (I had actually looked away to do work! Huge mistake, clearly!) He is the first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1983.

I will say that the perk of watching the livefeed online is that you get to see everything, rather than just one moment from the sidelines. But, it’s less appropriate for me to cheer people on from my cubicle. Next year, fingers crossed, I’ll be running. In the meantime, congratulations to all the runners, thank you Meb for slaying it for America, thank you Rita for coming back after last year, thank you Shalane for wanting so badly to win for Boston, thank you everyone for making this the best day of the year in Boston!


One thought on “Boston Marathon Part 2

  1. I love you, friend. Fingers crossed that I’m cheering you on as you crush it next year!

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