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One Year


It’s hard to believe that it has been one year since the Boston Marathon bombing. I remember the afternoon in flashes. Reading the first few updates on the news about a bombing. Running down the stairs of my office building because Eric had come to visit me, but wanting to stay at my desk and keep reading the news. Sitting on the front steps of my office building, drinking bubble teas and wondering what was happening on the other side of the river. Spending the rest of the afternoon, eyes glued to and constantly updating and refreshing for more information. Walking home towards Watertown when we were eventually told to go home early.

Then there were the days after – being unable to focus on anything for days, and continuing to just read the news while I sat at my desk, holding back tears, and wanting to grieve for my adopted home. Eric waking me up at 2am on Friday, April 19th to tell me to text and email friends and family to let them know that I was ok and not in the direct line of fire in Watertown. Sitting around watching the news while on lock down in Watertown, wondering what was happening just a mile away. Fielding phone calls, text messages, and emails from friends and family. Eventually being told that we could go outside, and walking down the street to the convenience store to grab some food, and then watching what would end up being the final moments of the chase from the store’s small tv. Heading home, watching, listening, and crashing into bed, exhausted from a week of grief and terror.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been one year – but I think that’s because it’s not Marathon Monday. I don’t think I will ever associate the Boston Marathon bombing with April 15th; Instead, I will always associate it with the 3rd Monday of April.

I did not run today. I know a lot of people are running in honor of the 1 year anniversary, but beyond my lack of connection to this specific date, I am still recovering from Sunday’s run. I’ll be running in honor of 1 year next Monday instead.

This video has been traveling the interwebs, and I think it’s the most perfect snapshot for today, this week, and next Monday.



5 thoughts on “One Year

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    Thoughts from a friend of mine.

  2. Beautiful post!! 🙂 XOXO!! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I truly enjoyed this post and the video as well!! I had no idea you were so effected by last years events

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