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Strength Training and Random Updates


Strength Training

You guys – I’ve started trying to incorporate strength training into my training schedule and so far I’m actually doing ok! After lots of googling and blog-reading, I found this circuit from Peanut Butter Runner. I’ve started out with 5 pound weights and doing 3 reps of 12-15 and I’m actually enjoying it.

This week’s schedule has been:

Monday: 6 mile run

Tuesday: Strength training

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 4 mile run

Friday: 2 miles of intervals, strength training, 2 miles of intervals

And I’ll hopefully get a longer run in this weekend (somewhere between 6 – 10 miles depending on how I’m feeling). It’s been a while since I’ve had a 20 mile week, so I’m excited to get back there again.

Race Timing

In other news, the race season has officially begun, which means my part-time race timing gig is back. I went to Lynn, MA last weekend for the HIbernian 5K St. Patrick’s Day Recovery Run (because, apparently it took them a whole week to recover from St. Patricks Day… but that didn’t stop them from drinking Guinness at 10 in the morning…) and tomorrow I’ll be at the South Middle School 5K in my own town of Braintree, MA. The race should be relatively easy considering just over 200 people ran it last year (versus approximately 1,000 people last weekend in Lynn).

Race Schedule

I signed up for two half marathons this week. I’m still sticking to 2 shorter races in April, and I haven’t signed up for anyting in May (… yet?). However, I’ll be running the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon in June, the Narragansett Summer Festival Half Marathon in July, and the Rockport Half Marathon in August. While I don’t really care how fast I run these three races, I really really REALLY want to PR in my 2nd Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon in October, so I suspect that I will take September off to focus on my training and get my body ready to get a sub 2:10 (sub 2:00??) when I make my return to Hampton, NH.

I’m taking suggestions for half marathons to do in November and December, preferably in New England so that I don’t have to travel too far – but I realize that might be silly since it’s going to get cold. I like planning FAR into the future, so…

What half marathons should I run at the end of 2014? Have you done a half marathon in late fall/early winter? Is this a horrible idea?


3 thoughts on “Strength Training and Random Updates

  1. i’m really happy to hear that you are including strength along with your running. stick with it! you will see a benefit!

    • Thank YOU for the great video! It’s proving to be a good introduction to strength training, and it’s super easy to do at home with what I have so I have no excuse to quit it!

  2. Wow, great workouts!!! Strength training is awesome!! Great job!!

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