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Getting Back on Track


The last couple weeks have been pretty rough. Since Ragnar, I’ve been seeing a chiropractor pretty much every other day to try and get my back and hips back into proper alignment and bring down inflamation around my bones (don’t ask me for any further detail on this since I pretty much just do what he says… and oftentimes fall asleep during my appointments when I’m face down on the table and pulsating electrodes are attached to my back…).

Because of my back issues, my weekly mileage has plummeted. This past weekend I was finally allowed to run… 3 miles. And this week, I was allowed to run twice more… for 3 miles each. My back still feels pretty tender and I’m having to put an ice pack and heat pack on it every day after work, as well as after each run (in addition to the stretching, foam rolling, sticking, etc.). BUT, the good news is that my chiropractor is hopeful that whatever he’s doing should “stick” and I won’t have to keep seeing him 3x a week (which is good because I only get 18 appointments a year and I’d like to save at least a few of them for, you know, the other 3/4 of 2014…).

This weekend, Sarah and I are running the Tobacco Road Half Marathon. Considering I’ve run a total of 11 miles in the last three weeks since Ragnar, I’m not feeling super confident or prepared for Sunday’s race. Luckily, Sarah and I have already discussed our goal – and it is to finish. I honestly would really prefer to do better than my Ragnar 2.5 hour half marathon, but I guess if we match it, I promise not to complain (too much). Did I mention it’s supposed to be cold and raining? Sunday’s low is 38, high is 54, and there’s a 70% chance of rain according to Good thing I bought that lightweight, waterproof jacket AND remembered to pack it.

Before I even get to Sunday, I need to get through the next 24 hours. Full day of work and writing my midterm on the way to the airport and on my flight to North Carolina. What? A midterm? Yup folks, I happen to be taking a class at Harvard’s Extension School and it’s all online and it’s way more work than I expected. I’ve been spending my hour long commutes to and from work each day studying, as well as a few hours each night when I get home. Fingers crossed that it’s a breeze and completed before I land!


2 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. You are a bad ass, Becky. Good luck this weekend!

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