Becky Runs Boston

My adventures running in Boston, searching for that runner's chai.

Ramblen Ambassador

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I am so excited to announce that I am one of the new Brand Ambassadors for Ramblen.

What’s Ramblen? Only the best and most important website for the health-conscious avid traveler. Traveling for work and want to know the best place to go for a run? Ask Ramblen. Heading to a new city and want to find a healthy, affordable, and delicious meal? Ask Ramblen.

As I continue my adventures around the country (and world) – visiting friends and family, traveling for work, and running races – I’ll be contributing reviews of my favorite places to run, shop, and eat to the website.

While in Los Angeles in January, I checked out a few of my favorite spots and I’m finishing up writing the reviews to submit to Ramblen. When they get posted on the website, I’ll make sure to let everyone know.

For now, check out the website and find some inspiration for your next trip!


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