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New Shoes

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I don’t really remember how I ended up with my beloved Saucony shoes with the silly footprint on the bottom in ugly blue, turquoise, and orange. I think I bought them at a Sports Authority or Olympia Sports from some high school kid who probably knew as much about running shoes as me. I do remember that I had purchased a different pair, tested them in my neighborhood, and returned them, opting to get the Saucony pair instead.

For some reason, it worked out. I loved those shoes. I learned to love running outdoors in those shoes as I ran up and down the Charles River Path in them as I trained for my first half-marathon. Those shoes were with me at my first half-marathon.

My nails matched my shoes, no biggie.

After my first marathon, I knew that I had run too many miles in that pair and decided to get a better opinion on my next pair. The guys at City Sports in Harvard Square said that if I loved those Sauconys so much that I should check online. And there they were – only one pair on the entire internet in my size and in black and pink.

These shoes got me through the winter!

These shoes got me through the winter!

These shoes got me through my second half marathon and were with me as I learned how to tackle winter running. They’ve run through sun and snow, ice and rain. And this weekend they’ll be with me at Ragnar Del Sol in Phoenix.

But, they’re time is coming to an end. I went to Road Runner Sports in Santa Monica while in L.A. and purchased a new pair. This time, the guy actually seemed to know something about feet and strides and arches. Apparently I have high arches, with one arch significantly higher than the other. And I pronate – a lot – according to the video recording of me running barefoot on the store’s treadmill.

I now own fancy insoles that are molded to the shape of my feet. And a new pair of Sauconys that have more support and might help my lower back pain.

The new guys on the block.

The new guys on the block.

I took the new shoes on my easy, slow 2 mile recovery run on Wednesday, and besides the residual hip pain that I have from the race and my baby toe feeling slightly crushed, the shoes felt ok. I’m going to try them out again tomorrow and see how that feels. I know I need to get a third paid of shoes since my black and pink Saunconys are nearing their end. Not sure if I should try and get a pair fairly neutral like my old favorites, or if I should continue trying new things.

What are you favorite running shoes? What do you recommend I try on?


One thought on “New Shoes

  1. Dan loves Brooks. Can’t say I’m much of an expert. 🙂

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