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Running Before Dawn: Routine or too tired to argue?

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One of the questions I get asked most is “How do you wake up so early to run?” or other iterations of the same:

“How do you not hit the snooze button?”

“I would never be able to convince myself to run at 5:00am.”

My usual response is that I’m too tired to argue with myself when it’s that early. The night before I’m supposed to go on a run, I take out all of my clothing (and look at the weather to make sure I have more than enough layers) and put it on the kitchen table (so as not to fumble around in the dark and let Eric hopefully go back to sleep after my early alarm goes off…). When my alarm goes off, I quickly turn it off, jump out of bed, and head out. It’s early, I’ve already made the decision that I’m running, and there’s no point in snoozing and terrorizing my nice boyfriend with more alarms. However, I will admit that I have *always* been a morning person, so perhaps it’s just inherently easier for me to get up and go. Regardless, I’ve always considered my early morning drive to be that I just didn’t have the energy to argue with myself.

And then my calendar confirmed it (kinda):


I definitely brush my teeth more often than I run…

In WW, one of our tasks towards creating a healthier lifestyle is to work on bringing routines in to our daily lives that will help us with achieving our goals. While I think it’s clear that my putting out my clothing the night before a run is definitely a routine, I’m still not sure I would label my willingness to not snooze as a routine. I may not think about it. I may just do it. But there’s more to it than that.

Like this morning. A new ritual in the morning “get up and go” is checking the weather. As I’ve become a winter runner, it became abundantly clear very fast that I needed to check the weather before going to bed and before getting out of bed as a lot can change overnight. Like this morning. Last night, the temperature was supposed to be in the teens. When I woke up, it was 9 degrees and 1 degree with windchill. I won’t lie – I argued with myself today. A lot. After seeing the temperature, I laid in bed for a few minutes, clutching my phone, and going through all of my options (stay warm/go back to sleep, get up and do a workout video in the living room, or get up and get my ass out the door like I told myself I would).

Eventually, I pulled myself together, got out of bed, and went for my run. I made a deal with myself that I only had to do 3 miles (considering I would be running on the sides of streets rather than on sidewalks because of our Wednesday snow storm). I ran to an even quieter street and just ran up and down until I was allowed to go home. And to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. As long as you dress appropriately (two pairs of pants, thick socks, multiple layers on top, etc. etc. etc.), your body warms up and can handle it. It’s completely mental.


Please note the full face mask, headlamp, and super sexy yellow vest.




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