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The Coldest and Quietest Run

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photo 2

Training for my Ragnar Relay Del Sol has been incredibly difficult as I stubbornly refuse to purchase a gym membership and continue running outdoors. This morning it was 2 degrees outside… -9 degrees when you account for windchill. And it had snowed the day before, so there was the added benefit of snowy sidewalks. BUT I RAN!

I wore two pairs of running tights, a long sleeve Under Armour shirt, a sweatshirt, and my new awesome running jacket. I (obviously) wore gloves. And, to make sure I was warm enough, I added a full face mask. Surprisingly enough, I was actually warm enough for the most part (my fingers were still freezing – I clearly should have double-layered the gloves – and my mouth was cold since I couldn’t breathe with the face mask actually up to my nose.

This morning’s run was also special because it was the first time I ran (purposefully) without music. I slapped on my iPod (because, my iPod holder is *actually* a slap bracelet, hello 90s!) but left the headphones at home. While I definitely think running with music is more fun, it was a really nice/interesting experience to run in the dark, early morning with only the sound of my feet, jacket, and breathing (and occasional car) to keep me company.

When I mentioned this last minute decision to Eric, he pointed out that this must mean I truly love running. And I think that’s true. A year or two ago, I never would have experimented without music because I would have been scared of the run being boring or being totally unmotivated by the silence. The fact that I could run 5 miles/50 minutes without music indicates that I must like the actual, physical activity enough on its own to not need additional stimulation. Awesome! While I will always enjoy running with music, it’s nice knowing that I can have the occasional quiet and peaceful morning run on my own. Maybe I’ll make a goal of running silently one day each week.

And then I got to work and saw this for the daily running tip:

photo 1 (2)


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