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New Year, New Goal

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Happy New Year!!

2013 was a pretty fantastic year for running (and life in general). I set PRs in the 5K and 10K and ran my first half-marathon. I became a runner who enjoys running at least 20 miles each week. I quit wasting money at the gym and learned how to run in the pouring rain and icy cold.Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself. 

So how will 2014 be even better? Well, I have a goal – I want to run a half marathon every month this year. I am currently signed up for 3 races. The first race is the Citrus Heritage Run on Saturday, January 11th. In February, I’ll be participating in the Ragnar Relay Del Sol in Phoenix, Arizona where my first leg will be 13.5 miles (followed by a 2nd leg of 4.7 miles and a 3rd leg of 3.1 miles). I had planned to run the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon on October 5th, but the full marathon was cancelled so I dropped down to the half. This was my first half marathon and I absolutely loved it, so I’m thrilled to do it again. As for the remaining 9 months of 2014, here are some of my ideas of races to run:

January: Citrus Heritage Run 1/11

February: Ragnar Relay Del Sol 2/21-2/22

March: Wifey wants to run a half marathon together, so we’re thinking about doing one in March. Two possibilities in North Carolina include the Tobacco Road Half Marathon and the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon, both on Sunday 3/16.

April: There are two half marathons in Gloucester – the Fool’s Dual Half Marathon on 4/6 and the Twin Lights Half Marathon on 4/27. I like the idea of the Fool’s Dual because it has a combined Half Marathon and 5K but Twin Lights would give me a solid 5 weeks in-between races, which would probably be a good idea…

May: Boston’s Run to Remember on 5/25. I’m most interested in doing this race, but haven’t yet committed to it. I have a $10 discount code in my email that expires January 11th, so I’ll probably sign up soon.

June: The only races I’ve found in the Boston area for June are the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon on 6/8 or a race in Sandwich on 6/1. If I really want to run the Boston Marathon in 2015, then I think the Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon might be a good idea!

July: Narragansett Summer Running Festival Half Marathon on 7/13. Any race sponsored by a brewery is a race I want to join.

August: There are several races in August – the Triple Threat Half Marathon in Rockport 8/3, the Nubble Light Half Marathon in York, ME on 8/31, or the Disneyland Half Marathon on 8/29. I might be traveling in August to Michigan to see family, in which case I might try and find a race to do there instead. 

September: Wicked Half Marathon in Salem – not yet scheduled – or the Michelob ULTRA Boston 13.1 Marathon on 9/14. I’m leaning towards the latter. 

October: Smuttynose Rockfest 10/5

November: Chilly Half Marathon in Newton?

December: Are there even half marathons in December??

Completing 12 half marathons in 2014 is my A goal. My B goal would be to do 8-10 half marathons. My C goal is to do 6. I plan on seeing how the first couple months go and signing up for future races based on that. I don’t have any interest in competing with myself or with others. I run because I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from knowing that I got out there and tried and gave it my all, not because of some pace or finish-time. I am so excited about my goal for 2014, and I look forward to keeping everyone updated on how it goes…


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