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12 degrees, feels like 2… WHAT?

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Yup. This morning it was 12 degrees, and only 2 with windchill. And I went for a run. 

The last few weeks (months?) have been rough for training. I have been taking it as easy as possible to let my back heal and because of it, those 6 runs per week listed on my training schedule have been more like 3-4 runs per week. Instead of 40+ miles each week, I’m getting through only half. On top of that, December came in full throttle so the days have been extra cold and we’re currently getting a few inches of snow. Earlier this week, the ground was cold, wet, and then icy. This is my first winter actually running outdoors for all of it (I’ve always had a gym membership to keep me nice and warm), so I’m still getting over my fears of cold and ice.

Today was a good day though. My training plan wanted me to do 13 miles. Last week I did 10. With the super low temperature, I made my own goal of 12. And I did it! My Nike+ was off by the time I got through my first mile, which was less than ideal. Then, it told me that my battery was low so I had to run without knowing what my mileage or pace was (but luckily it was strong enough to keep the music going). I also wasn’t totally sure what time I started running. Based on where I was after the first mile, I guessed I was running at a 10 minute pace, and assumed I would keep up a comparable time. I ran for 2 hours, and when I looked it up later on, I was at 11.95 miles – good enough!!

With the horrible weather, I’m worried about the conditions the next few days. Since I’m finally feeling health enough to try and meet my training schedule goals, I had hoped to run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week. There’s a good chance that the sidewalks and streets will be incredibly icy at the beginning of the week. Hopefully it will be run-able after Monday? Sigh. 

I have other news and am currently re-thinking my running goals for 2014. I’ll announce soon!


One thought on “12 degrees, feels like 2… WHAT?

  1. I definitely hate the wind more than the cold – yesterday it was 4F with light winds (~0-2F wind chill), and I preferred that to the other day when it was 13F with a 3F windchill. Weird or not I don’t care … at least I get out there!

    Good job on the run – it is hard when we don’t have our GPS tracking everything … I have tried to be better about tech-free runs, but … well, I just haven’t! 🙂

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