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Boston Volvo Village 5K Road Race Recap

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a wonderful day running turkey trots, eating turkey, watching football, and being thankful 🙂

I started the holiday at 7:00am – Eric and I woke up bright and early to get dressed, eat some granola bars, and head to the MS Society’s 16th Annual Boston Volvo Village 5K Road Race. Eric and I are very different runners, as in, he last ran a year and a half ago. But he figured it would be warmer to run the race with me rather than wait for me in the cold at the finish line. Understandable reasoning considering it was 30 degrees outside… and that it felt like 19 degrees with the windchill. It was very cold. The volunteers working the race were amazing. Two women in particular were dressed up like Tigger (a la Winnie the Pooh) and hugged everyone in sight. Too cute. 

Eric was a same-day registration (NOOOOOOO NOT A SAME-DAY!) but I allowed it since it was for a good cause and we were getting there early to make up for it. There was a pretty nice goodie bag with a shirt, power bars, and coupons that I’ll actually use. We went back to the car to drop off some layers, the goodie bag, and warm up before the race started. Race started at 9am and we milled about in the cold for 30-40 minutes. While my body was warm enough, my hands and toes were frozen icicles. The wind was completely unhelpful. 

My back has continued to bother me, and my last run was on Saturday when I ran an amazing 8 miles in 1:13 at an average 9:08 pace. I was thrilled  but it definitely brought back my lower back pain, so I decided to take a break from training until the 5K. Even though my back was still a little sore Thursday morning, I wanted to go for a personal best and finish the 5K in approximately 27 minutes at about a 9 minute pace. Eric planned to try and keep up best he could, but also told me that if he wasn’t running at a fast enough pace, I could leave him behind. I felt a little bad about that plan, but was also really motivated to get the best time possible.

We lined up together in the middle of the pack, siren went off, and we started running. The first half mile or so was straight uphill, which I was totally fine with since the majority of my training is on hills. I slay hills for breakfast! Eric kept up with me for the first kilometer or so, but then I was off!

I finished the first kilometer in just over 5 minutes, so I knew I was going fast because I usually do them in just over 6. My toes were completely frozen and I couldn’t really feel them. It’s a very weird sensation to run when you can’t feel your toes. At first, I wished I had my toe warmers, but then as my feet warmed up my toes started to burn on their on. Weird sensations all over the place. It felt like people were consistently passing me, but I knew I was running at a good pace so I kept it up, even if I was a little sad about getting passed by everyone!

Kilometers 3 and 4 were pretty hard and tiring, but as I got to the last stretch I pushed myself as hard as possible, turned the final corner, and saw the clock. It was only at 26:15! I crossed the finish line at 26:25! AND, my net time was only 26:17! This was, by FAR, my best 5K time! WEEE! AND I raised $760 for the MS Society!!

I walked around a little, grabbed some water bottles and bananas, and waited for Eric at the finish line. He crossed a few minutes later, limping a little from his old knee injury that popped back up. Overall though, he did great for someone who 1. Hasn’t run in a year and a half and 2. Spent much of the race limping/not bending his knee. 


Before the race started. Can you tell how cold we were?

We were pretty crippled the rest of the day, but that was fine by me! Delicious food and great times with Eric’s family. I have a lot to be thankful for 🙂

I woke up this morning feeling great – my lower back doesn’t really hurt at all! I even started thinking about putting in a 12 mile run tomorrow (my training plan wants me to, but I had planned on skipping it because of my back). BUT THEN I tripped as I was walking out of my house and rolled my ankle horrendously. It hurts to walk. I’m currently on my couch icing it. I can’t help but laugh at the situation — just as my back starts feeling better again, I mess up my ankle. Oh well, just another sign that I should take it easy for another few days. Hopefully it’ll be all better in time for Monday so I can get back on track for training. 


Watching Pawn Stars. Icing my ankle. Happy Black Friday!


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