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Things I am currently excited about

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There are some things I’m REALLY excited about these days. I plan on posting an update about the first week of training this weekend, but for now, here’s a list of five awesome things on my mind:

1. I have raised close to $700 for the National MS Society‘s Boston Volvo 5K Road Race that is taking place on Thanksgiving next week. Because I originally signed up for the race as training for the Boston Marathon, my original goal was only $100. Since I wasn’t able to get a bib for the marathon, I decided to go all out on fundraising – sending emails, spamming Facebook, etc. What’s really exciting is that the majority of gifts have been $5-$25, which really demonstrates that even the smallest gifts add up and make a huge difference. I still have a week to go and I would LOVE to get to $1000. If YOU want to donate, click here and I will forever be thankful.

2. On a related note, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are NEXT WEEK! I’ll be celebrating with Eric’s family and as the only person who celebrate Hanukkah, I plan on contributing some latkes and cranberry-stuffed sufganiyot. (Note: sufganiyot = jelly donuts. Jelly-filled donuts are a traditional Hanukkah food. Jews win.)

3. Also on a related note, the holidays are here! It’s time for gift-giving! Gift-giving entails two of my favorite activities; namely, shopping for presents and wrapping presents.

4. Finally, something different, yet still exciting: I have some really exciting races coming up. After next week’s 5K, there’s a half-marathon in January and the RAGNAR RELAY DEL SOL. Part of me wishes I could take a sabbatical from work and train for these races full time. The other part of me realizes that is ridiculous.

5. I know 2014 is still more than a month away, but I already have plans to travel to new states! The Ragnar Relay is in Phoenix, Arizona (Is it weird that I grew up in Los Angeles and I’ve never been to Arizona? Maybe a little…). I also recently received word that I have been approved to attend a writers conference in April… in Austin, Texas!

What are you excited about these days? Any good races coming up? Exciting travel plans? Holidays with the family?

What else excites me? Waking up and seeing sunrises like this one. Makes 5am training runs totally worth it.

What else excites me? Waking up and seeing sunrises like this one. Makes 5am training runs totally worth it.


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