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A Letter to the Woman Who Tried to Run Me Over

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Dear Woman Making a Right Turn at 5:30am on Friday morning,

I hope that the next time you decide to make a right turn onto a busy road, you look to your left before doing so. I also hope that you stop when there’s a stop sign. I don’t know you, and I don’t know why you were in such a rush on a Friday morning while it was still dark. Having said that, even if it was an emergency and you were forced to rush, there’s always a few spare seconds to ensure your own safety and the safety of others around you.

However, I can’t be too upset. While I was wearing a bright orange neon shirt, I did not necessarily glow in the dark. Therefore, you inspired me to purchase the Nathan Sports Nightfall Running Vest and maybe also a Nathan Strobe Running Light. Next time, you will have ZERO excuse to glare at me when you realize I’m in front of your car, about to block you from making that right turn without stopping. 



In other news, I am probably one of the few people happy about the time change and having more light in the morning than in the afternoon. As an early morning runner, I like that I might see the sun in the final moments of my run, instead of running in the pitch black darkness to which I’ve become accustomed. I’ve practically memorized the cracks in the sidewalks and bumps in the roads. Not once have I caved to running with a flashlight (which I think is totally unnecessary). I may have had to stop my run along the trails of Pond Meadow Park very early on Friday because I couldn’t see more than 2 feet in front of my face, but now that we’ve turned the clocks, I don’t have to worry about that happening again for at least a few weeks, right??


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