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In Search of a Boston Marathon Bib

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Yesterday I put in my first application for a Boston Marathon bib. I had originally hoped to apply for a spot on the Playworks team, but it’s unclear if they’ll be receiving bibs for the 2014 marathon. While that is still my first choice for a nonprofit organization to run with, I was poking around the BAA charities list and saw the MS Society. I’ve been involved with the MS Society before. In college, I became close friends with a girl on my freshman hall. I still consider her one of my closest friends. Let’s call her DSF.

DSF’s mom has MS. Because she grew up relatively close to our college, I spent a lot of weekends back in her hometown with her family, getting to know her amazing parents. For several years, I walked with her family in the annual MS Walk in their hometown. For the weeks (months?) before each walk, we would go door-to-door in our dorms to raise money for the walk. These walks always occurred during the fall, when the weather was perfectly crisp and the foliage beautiful. I have some great memories from walking with my friends for such an important cause.


Bernard, DSF, and myself after the 2006 MS Walk

Yesterday I submitted my application to join the Marathon Strides Against MS team. If accepted to the team, I’ll be responsible for raising $4000. I know I’m a fundraiser by profession, but this will be the first time I’ll be personally responsible for such a sum. I’m up for the challenge though. I know that if I’m accepted to a team, training and fundraising for the marathon will be my top priority from now until April 21st.

Fingers crossed!!


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