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My Accidental Half-Marathon

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Things have been busybusybusy and my half-marathon is NEXT SUNDAY! But, even though it’s supposed to be my longest run EVER, I’m pretty sure I accidentally ran a half-marathon two weekends ago.

For our 3rd anniversary, Eric and I bought a groupon for a cute little motel on the Cape in Sandwich. Although he has spent a lot of time on the South Shore and the Cape, I had only previously spent a day in P-Town during college Senior Week. We were too busy during the actual summer to head South and enjoy the Cape’s beaches, but I think I may have preferred our trip in mid/late September since things were so quiet. We had a lovely day on Saturday that involved eating breakfast on the empty beach; driving around, stopping at antique stores and yard sales; the Scallop Festival and craft fair; dinner overlooking the ocean; and a late night adventure to get a cookies and cream milkshake.

On Saturday, I needed to put in a 12 mile run – my final long training run before my half marathon. I woke up nice and early at 7am and looked at the weather, knowing there was a chance of rain. Turns out, the “chance of rain” was actually a wall of torrential downpours the entire length of the country. With absolutely no option of skipping the run, I borrowed Eric’s dirty old B’s hat and headed out, knowing full well I’d be coming home soaked. Before I even hit the first mile mark, Eric came after me to deliver me my phone just in case of emergency – in a plastic bag so it wouldn’t get too wet.

The plan was to run a mile to Sandy Neck Road, which would then take me to Sandy Neck Beach. I had looked online and found that there was a 5ish mile trail along the water – PERFECT! However, my trusted ipod failed at gauging my mileage. I knew the road was about a mile from the motel, but it didn’t register a mile until a little later. I knew my mileage was going to be off, but figured I’d just keep going and trust the ipod.

But then I was foiled again! The 5 mile trail I was so excited to run along was a sand trail. And as I explained to Eric, I am *not* a sand runner. Instead, I turned around and ran along the paved driveway and parking lot for the beach. After turning around, I headed back towards Route 6A… and it promptly began to pour.  After the torrential rain for half a mile, it switched from raining to drizzling for the rest of the morning. I got back to Route 6A and ran east, away from the motel. This was not my safest route – I was literally running along a quiet highway where I had to run in the grass on the sides of the roads when cars were passing so I wouldn’t be hit (by the cars or the waves of water they created when driving through puddles). Luckily, there weren’t too many cars!

When my ipod told me I hit 6 miles close to some train tracks, I turned around and ran west, past the motel, until I hit a second pair of train tracks. I thought I still had a couple miles left, so I turned around again, and ran past the motel a 3rd time. By the time my ipod congratulated me on hitting 12 miles, I was absolutely drenched – my shoes were filled with puddles of water – and I was quite tired.

When we got home that afternoon, I put in what I think my route was, and it came out to this:

I think I’m ready for my half marathon. Even if it’s during a torrential rain storm.


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